Ending Leftism Is a Matter of Ending Parasitism by Law

Oct 6, 2019, 5:30 PM

Of the choices we could make to end the current politio-demographic conflict turning into civil war includes:

(a) multi-ethnicity (genetic homogeneity,
(b) multi-culturalism (cultural homogeneity),
(c) democratic process (universal access to political power),
(d) or political ideology (Dysgenic or Eugenic),

the most obvious choice is to end leftism as a political preference, and frustrate the undermining of western civilization.

And ending leftism is a matter of ending parasitism by law. The rest will follow if leftism isn’t legally possible, and is even illegal speech. The market will serve its purposes.

Now, I suspect that we will end democratic process as well. And this well end mutli-culturalism. And this will end immigration. But mutli-ethincity would remain, even if by neighborhood, or city, or state, or region.

My understanding is that without subsidy immigration dries up and reverses. But the urban rich and poor, suburban-rural middle will continue.

By definancializing the system we restore the balance between urban-high-low vs the middle.

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