Pagans Had Monogamy and Rules to Enforce It Before Abrahamism Came Along

Jan 18, 2020, 8:20 AM
by Erik Lukovsky

Pagans had monogamy and rules to enforce it before Abrahamism came along

Monotheism popularized those rules

All people have polygamous and monogamous inclinations(genes), usually one more so than the other

Monogamy existed(and still can exist) as a form of exchange, in which women offer sexual access and a guarantee that the males offspring is his(virginity) in exchange for the mans protection, economic resources, and attention(in some cases)

It ” can ” be the most optimal strategy under the right conditions – there are also conditions under which other systems can work, but nevertheless, there has yet to be a successful civilization that practices polygamy(because men will revolt and kill other men if they don’t have access to women)

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