Peterson, Moly, Yarvin, Macdonald, Duchesne, Dutton and Doolittle

Oct 7, 2019, 10:25 AM

Peterson is a therapist telling you it will all be ok if you take the buddhist strategy and retreat into changing yourself. Molyneux is a therapist feeding you information, moral confirmation, and emotional sedation. Yarvin is a storyteller explaining that what you’re sensing is wrong with the world, is indeed wrong, and why. MacDonald is an academic explaining the cause of what’s wrong and why. Duchesne is telling us why and how and why we were uniquely successful. Dutton is telling us the science of why we were right. And Doolittle (me) is a jurist telling you we were right, the solution to the restoration, and how to force it’s implementation.

Learn from everyone. But the end of your Journey is Propertarianism: Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth, Duty, Jury, and Markets in Everything.

Start with John Mark. Follow Brandon and Michael Hayes for contributions from the propertarians. Learn from the Sheepdogs. Take our course in Foundations.

It’s time to return to rule. Of yourself, your polity, and the world, in self defense.

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