The Retreat and Regroup Strategy

Feb 2, 2020, 6:58 PM
by Jake Anders Gotbanned

I’m going to start by saying I do not advocate violence and I myself am not planning on doing so . That being said we are already a minority amongst gen z and we have millions of legal and illegal immigrants poring over our borders every year. We will never win by voting and the people that can be red pulled already are . What we have to do now is move into the areas that are already white dominated and start electing our own people Curt Doolittle would be a good choice. It’s perfectly legal and nothing they can legally do about it. Obviously this will spur on some kind of conflict but we stand a chance at winning if we have governance over our own cities towns states etc. We will have state money and weapons. The problem with the proper who dreams of civil war is the fact that he is all by himself. Training by yourself is better than nothing at all but not much if you don’t have a team of men who are also trained with you then you don’t stand a chance at all if the unfortunate event of civil war did happen. You need to be meeting irl not just for prepper shoot em up tactics but building businesses with each other starting homesteading growing your own food there is an estimated 40 million of white nationalist in America think of what we can do if we all moved to the Pacific northwest and apalachicola mountains region and had our small little tightknit tribes who were self sufficient? And all of this can be done in small steps and its perfectly legal look into harold Covington of north west front and shield wall balkanization seems to be the only way forward and again I’m not advocating violence etc I’m advocating preparing for the possibility of violence being done to us

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