Understanding Chinese People’s Opinion of Western Civilization by Argument


Accidentally set off a tweet conflict by posting nine nations of north america compared to the same equivalent map of china. Lots to be learned here.

  1. They colonize (conquer) the world slowly and culturally, over the long haul.
  2. They see this as civilizing by culture where we see civlizing by knowledge tech, and institutions.
  3. They ignore the exorbitant death count of their own but challenge us on ours
  4. They are in a total war against us for universalism, just like jewish cosmopolitanism and muslim supernaturalism.

Yes, This is my understanding. China is to the chinese empire as DC/NYC/LA are to America, and as france, germany, and russia want to be to europe. all the great continental civilizations are struggling with this problem of needing a core state …

“perhaps the [continental usa] should also be independent from america and returned to natives?”

Perhaps the Han should return all the rest of china to the natives? Especially tibet and inner mongolia. But certainly the south where all the industry is. That was conquered territory. 😉

“usa independence: 1783 AD. Han dynasty: 206 BC–220 AD. can you do the math?”

I can.

And I can ask you, being so far away from mesopotamia, persia, and islam, how did you manage to fail with so much time?

Between 700ad and 300ad, in just four hundred years, the greeks invented politics, geometry, reason, science, the antikythera, and the steam engine.

We suffered the Jewish-Christian and Islamic Dark Age and you didn’t.

But again, we saved ourselves, and in just 600 years, invented the calculus, the logics, all the physical sciences, all technology, all medicine and raised you out of ignorance, poverty, starvation and disease.

You started in 2500bc. We started in 1500bc. So you had a THOUSAND YEARS in prehistory.

We didn’t catch up until 800ad. We were viable from 800bc-100ad and were invaded. W

e had a dark age from 400ad-1400ad.

You another THOUSAND YEARS in the middle ages.

Why did you fail? (I know)

You failed because Chinese people are ‘petty’, like women. You do face-before-truth, like women. Your pride is easily offended like women. You feel the need for power instead of honest business – like women. You don’t trust – like women. You cheat – like women. (You have low T.)

It’s genetic. You have low T. You hyper-evolved submissiveness and over-extended Neoteny. You are a nation of status conscious petty women, who must have consensus because you lack the honor and truth to negotiate compromise. This is why your plans to rule the world will fail.??No one else has the knowledge or courage to say the truth to you. It is bad manners for my people to tell you this truth. The difference between races is the degree of neoteny and the sex-direction of it.

Africans low neoteny high masculine. Chinese high neoteny, high feminine. Europeans are in the middle. Jews are medium neoteny high feminine very eugenic. Muslims are medium neoteny, feminine, very dysgenic.

More science: chinese mature less, so peak early, and achieve less in life. Science on “Why chinese don’t perform in careers like indians whites and jews”. Well like I said, we know the answer.

Like I said, I have the knowledge and courage and honor to speak the truth. Chinese people are ‘shallow and petty like women’. China is a very big empire of thirty-three very poor countries. But Chinese people so poor that money goes far, so good purchasing power parity.

This is why you fail.
You are weak because you need consensus.
You are slow because you need consensus and authority.
We don’t care any longer.

—“Technology is no more western than is air. It’s a way of thinking & seeing the world. Cultural exchange with mutual respect is what leads to knowledge & wisdom.”

This is very good Chinese lie to ‘hand wave’ away Chinese failure to develop reason, science, technology, medicine despite escaping both mediterranean dark ages. Why did china fail. I explained this already. Why did you fail to develop anything you discovered? We know the answer.

“Again science is not innate to the western mind. It is distributed & not localised. There are great scientists everywhere. China bc of problem with famines developed a culture more resistant to change. In west same reactionary forces e.g. Church resisted empirical thinking.”

This is incorrect. Aristotelian thought is unique to the western mind and we had to work very hard to teach it to the world. We still have trouble teaching it to our own people.

“sry to break ur heart [diagram of Chinese manufacturing vs usa]”
— @shynxzy

You do not break my heart. We pay you to pollute your country instead of ours, and give you manufacturing to raise you out of ignorance and poverty – or maybe you don’t understand economics well enough to know how to account for costs or understand grand strategy. 😉

Current growth in china was only 6%. Growth in spring is only -6% because chinese people are filthy, dirty, and lie, and Beijing lies to save face and sends plague (again) to the world.

And who’s the b_tch whose people are so filthy, dirty animals that they make frequent plagues. ?

We can repatriate production easily.
You can’t civilize your filthy people easily.

Yes we made people pay a price for our cost of civilizing them. All you primitive people are ungrateful. We did not civilize you for free. We civilized you for profit. Are you saying we should not have civilized you at all? Or are you saying we should not have profited by it?

“He fails to recognize the only barbarism here is on him.”—letina

I have mercy on the little people who, like petulant children, need a little discipline, now and then from the parents of the neighborhood.

Science requires testimony. That’s why so many chinese academic papers are withrawn, science is not replicable, and why american universities don’t trust chinese grades.

There is a book “Can only europeans think” it’s interesting.

I say what is true. This is what I do. Compartive civilizations. Especially truthtelling, and law.

No, it’s just that you are a petty, ignorant, dishonest, child who acts like a little girl and who is unfit for honest conversation between men.

—”Materially wealthy in the top 10% but culturally bankrupt throughout.”—Tat_loo

Is that why we see daily Chinese videos of people running over children and driving away? Or kidnapping in public people do nothing? Or crime in public people do nothing? Or rapes and people do nothing? Is that why China is filthy dirty and corrupt?

—”Europe is divided,and this is why World War 1 and World War 2 happened in Europe.”—@sukimoji

Europe is not divided.
Europe’s strength is that it is divided.
That is why europe progressed and china-india stagnated.
Europeans believe ‘socialism’ and cannot afford mlitary.
Americans defended europe for free and europeans are spoiled.
This is what Donald Trump changes.

—”Everything to do with failing British authorities. Not Europe.”—@Tat_Loo

The problem for europe is islam.
islam destroys every culture.

—”China is never a national country which is based on nationality.China is based on culture.All the ones who have a sense of identity to Chinese culture and accept Chinese education is Chinese,no matter what one’s color of skin is.”—@sukimoji

You just proved my point. China: Monopoly, deceit, Slow war, slow change, vs Europeans: markets, truth, fast war, fast change. This is standard knowledge in political science. The question is why you don’t know it and we do.

—”but Russia is big too,and Russia beat France controlled by Nepoleon and Nazi,which according to your logic should be stronger because of competition.Why will this happens?”—@sukimoji

Russia beat no one. Russia has two generals: January and February. Both French and Germans did not know these generals cannot be defeated. Russian economy is size of italy, and only 150m people. Russia is a gas station with tanks and nuclear missiles. But they are warriors.

—”OK,and how do you explain that technology of China was more developed from Tang Dynasty to the end of Ming Dynasty?Why divided Europe couldn’t be advanced untill you guys discovered new continent?”—@sukimoji

[oops…missed answering that one]

—”Let me tell you my opinion.The way of thinking is different. Traditional Chinese thinking way doesn’t ask for the reasons why will some phenomenon happen.But Westerners do. However, asking reasons created Christianity, and Europe dropped into Middle Ages because of religion.”—

China: balance nature. Harmony is honorable. Everything connected. Think in ‘verbs’

Europe: conquer nature. Competition is honorable. Everything separate. Think in ‘nouns’

Asking reasons created aristotle, archimedes, epicurus, reason, empiricism, science, technology, medicine.

West failed because post-world war we let jews come to american and do what they did to rome, to germany, to russia: destroy our truth (propaganda), destroy culture (marxism), destroy our reason (postmodernism) destroy our family (feminism), destroy our military (women and g-ys).

—”your words seems to be welcomed by Hitler who hated jews.”—@sukimoji

Do you say it is false? Or that it is bad for face?
My job is truth regardless of face or cost.
That is my duty.

And it is true.

China now has similar problem. China thinks she controls customers. But no. Customers (america) controls china and can destroy chinese economy easily and it would be good for america. This will begin to happen because of virus. It made europeans ‘wake up’.

But china will grow.

Western Sovereignty, Liberty, Truth, Trust, Markets are perfect advantage – if we are as intolerant as china. We are tolerant because markets make everyone customers.Customers are like a drug we become economically addicted to. Then the customer owns us.

We know the problem with the decline of the west. But we do not have a strong state like china. We cannot stop it.

This is why we are weak.
This is why you will be strong.
Because you will not tolerate ‘undermining’.
This is our weakness: We think people will learn.
They don’t.

West failed because post-world war we let jews come to american and do what they did to Rome, to Germany, to Russia: destroy our truth (propaganda), destroy culture (marxism), destroy our reason (postmodernism) destroy our family (feminism), destroy our military (women and g-ys).

China: balance nature. Harmony is honorable. Everything connected. Think in ‘verbs’

Europe: conquer nature. Competition is honorable. Everything separate. Think in ‘nouns’

Asking reasons created aristotle, archimedes, epicurus, reason, empiricism, science, technology, medicine.

No, Christianity was middle eastern plan to undermine roman civilization. Islam copied christianity. You must lot let them into China. We have same problem today Marx-Feminism-Postmodernism-Denial of human differences. This is new ‘pseudoscientific religion’ brought to the west.

—”Islam had been into China already in Tang Dynasty.And as the fourth largest country,the USA has been No.1 in military and technology for nearly 100 years.But now divided Europe has no ability to regain its advance.”—@sukimoji

—”seek help….”—@junebug_888

You’re the disease. I’m the cure. 😉

You don’t even understand the point i’m making with “nine nations…” You assume you do. You don’t.

I think it’s hysterical how much activity this post has gotten from the chinese troll network.

Silly boy. Trix are for kids.

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