Feb 7, 2020, 10:00 PM

There are a lot of vets with issues – maybe most of them. They need organization and purpose but the problem with the current military is that they have been put to imperial rather than national use, forced to fight 4gw in hostile territory, where everyone is some degree of foe, forced to fight in these conditions under absurd rules of engagement, forced to fight in those intolerable conditions for longer periods than is mentally tolerable for humans, had their reason for fighting destroyed, effectively lost every recent war, and under an upper bureaucracy that is in their view immoral and absent honor – so they come back having fought for broken policy, to save a broken civilization, into a society that is broken, when they are broken, and they lack leadership to un-break both society and themselves in the process. In this sense they are a market. They are however, a market that requires a different product. We have produced a revolution in thought that unites the sciences and makes possible the restoration of our traditional law and culture in scientific and legal terms. We have produced a constitution that we can use as a solution that I hope will animate people across the spectrum – other than immigrants, the state, financial, academy, and entertainment sectors. We are working slowly on producing a philosophy that applies it to personal life. But we have not produced a story of their place in that unbroken world, where they will be unbroken, and they are valued in ensuring it remains unbroken. So what we have learned from this challenging period is that we have a market that we can satisfy largely by giving it purpose.

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