We Win When They Fire The First Shot

Jan 18, 2020, 10:00 AM
You know what I learned in Ukraine that applies?

  1. The minute they fire on you they lose – and the whole american empire and it’s entire world ‘brand’ and influence collapses. You want them to fire on you. You just want to minimize losses even if you generate heroes whose names end up on monuments.

  2. Fire is more effective than firearms, and doesn’t need courage or risk to do it’s job, like the energizer bunny it keeps on going.

  3. It takes a few hundred men to fight – the rest of the crowd serves as human shields the government can’t act against.

  4. Occupying Govt Buildings is more effective than fighting

  5. Controlling roads in and out is more effective than defending buildings.

  6. A city is full of cars with tires that make berms, burn, and generate smoke, and gasoline for use as weaponry. Anything on fire makes dramatic photos and footage.

  7. The government runs on water pressure, electricity, gasoline, both of which are in short supply, and without which there is little command and control.

  8. Politicians, Bureaucrats, Military and Police are People Too – and have families they care for more than their jobs.

  9. If you make clear reasonable demands, people don’t imagine the worst possible out come, and have incentive to settle.

  10. Every single day you siege, you learn.

All I want out of the next few ‘attempts’ is to learn from the opposition. Because all that’s going to happen going forward is a continuous stream of escalation.

Antifa(Black Hats) and the Right(Red Hats) have the same enemy, and if we separate into blue cities and red territories, we have the same goals.

The enemy is the state and financial sector.

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