Western Man’s Uniqueness in Purpose: Raised to Rule

Oct 12, 2019, 9:02 PM

Let me put it in perspective, white people, our fairy tales, our myths, our religion, our education – we were brought up to rule. Ourselves, our families, our polities, our nations and the world. This is what the rest of the world cannot grasp, and what the underclasses cannot achieve. Our civilization evolved for the continuous production of agency – we were all brought up to be princes and princesses – to rule. An aristocracy of everyone capable of joining the aristocracy. and the paternal rule of those who are not.

I have been complaining about the anglo seizure of power by the middle class, and the american attempt to create an aristocracy of everyone. But the western man has been trying to create an aristocracy of everyone since we first put horse to wheel.

The problem is that loosened the requirements for the demonstration of agency – one’s ability to rule one’s self ,one’s family, on’s business, one’s polity, one’s nation.

And we failed to create additional houses for the classes that did demonstrate ability as they evolved education and limited agency.

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