White, Grey, Black, Lies in P-Law

Oct 29, 2019, 7:54 PM

by Stephen Thomas

No one really cares if you lie for vanity’s sake. That’s a white lie.

Libel, Slander
False Advertising
Baiting into Hazard
Fraud private or Political
Subversion of the Commons
Conspiracy to subvert the Commons

All of which are well defined. Those are black lies.

You must lie in public to the public about matters public or conspire to propagate lies to the public about matters public

And worse, you mustn’t lie FROM a position OF influence TO the public ABOUT the public, about products, policy, economics, science or law.

If you want to tell everyone you wear the wrong size shoe. No one is gonna to arrest you. We will however laugh at you for being so damn petty!

(—“I would tell you your baby’s is cute, your children are beautiful, your wife is lovely, and you are charming, brave, and witty. None of those is true. But they demonstrate I will invest in building trust in our relationship.”—CurtD )

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