Why Do Governments and Courts and Markets and Militias Exist?

May 1, 2020, 8:30 PM

(Answer: b/c of Multipliers)

Government creates a market for central corruption in exchange for suppression of local corruption, with the dividend for the citizenry produced by reduced transaction costs and increased economic velocity, producing reduced costs. That’s what government does. That’s why we have it. That’s why it’s required.

Conversely, the court, using law of tort, creates a market for the suppression of market corruption and government corruption as long as law is equally applied to all – except the judge of last resort (Monarch) in extreme circumstances.

So governments use force to collect taxes, to pay for the suppression of local free riding, corruption, and crime, and external military, economic, informational, and demographic warfare.

The only fault in this system is lack of universal standing in the prosecution of the members of the government, the court, and their agents.

Which is why we must have the militia to demand that universal standing, and the enforcement of our law of tort.

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