29 June

Blade Runner 2049 Failure Explained

FAILS WERE SYSTEMIC FOR HOLLYWOOD 1 – Family ‘heroic’ (child, daughter, father,) does not play in western civ since we are the least familial and clannish people. It feels ‘trivial’ …

26 June

White Pathological Altruism Explained

—“Can we finally retire the ‘Pathological Altruism’ nonsense? Forever? Whites behave much the same as occupied peoples. The decoupling of the White elites from the White masses has occurred already, …

26 June

“How did you solve it?”

I’m curious, although I know I’ll regret this, what exactly is “the great problem of our age” and how did you solve it? 1 Every group resisted the anglo empirical …

26 June

And I Know How To Fix It.

—“Mr. Thinklittle (& probably do nothing,) when your ancestors were still swinging from the trees, Jews had a civilization with laws that the world still follows today! Rolling on the …

11 June

Truth Regardless of Cost

I have to use the truth without compromise regardless of cost. We can make explicit tolerances and exceptions for the un-testimonial and irreciprocal, but we cannot violate reciprocity by stating …

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