It’s a Good Trade. God and Caesar Have Worked for Two Thousand Years.

I state that Christianity (the imitation of Jesus, the extension of kinship love, the abandonment of responsibility for that which is out of one’s control, the self-image, self confidnce, mindfulness, and polity that results) is scientifically the optimum solution for any religion or polity.

But maintaining faith requires genetic bias to empathy over reason. And I know that by teaching the stoic method of the same virtues we would achieve the same for the secularist Christians who can’t use empathy over reason (analytical).

So while I state that the result of Christian indoctrination produces an optimum good – at last within one’s Ethno-group. I also state that the Abrahamic method of scripture (pilpul, theology) teaches lying – which is in evidence whenever scripture is used for argument.

Those statements are both true. They are true today in commerce, in mixed-faith/secular Christian groups, in education, court, in politics, in economics, in science. So deliver unto caesar and we will deliver unto the Christian god. But we do not compromise on truth. We only trade loyalty. If that is not enough then it doesn’t matter. There are enough of us, and enough Christians willing to do the trade, and those that are not worthy of it – and they are objectively, by god’s and man’s law immoral for not doing so.

And that’s just how it has to be if we are to win.

The center and even the right have openly discussed that Christians are naturally leftists, and enable leftists, and always have, and that only the overreach of the Marxists drove Christians to the aristocratic conservatives (classical liberals and secular Christians), and that his alliance has been harmful, not helpful to the conservatives and to the country.

My job is to solve problems. This is the optimum POSSIBLE solution to the problem. I really do appreciate your advice. I hear you. But it is no longer possible for the majority to believe in fundamentalism (that scripture is truth rather than wisdom literature). For most of us, we believe in god, we take Jesus as our prophet, but we know the difference between true wisdom and faith.

And we cannot be made to do what the fundamentalists do. And the fundamentalists are powerless because their leadership has chosen fundamentalism over pragmatism and is incapable of executive function in the modern world – so Christians are stuck with us who are.

It’s a good trade.

God and Caesar have worked for two thousand years.

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