Transcendence: The Purpose of European Man

The Cause of Fall, and The Source of Restoration: The false promise of infinite growth, and the institutionalization of “The Embedded Growth Obligation”.


[O]ur discovery the sun revolved around us was unpleasant. Our discovery we were not the center of the universe was disconcerting. And our discovery of evolutionary law was too much to bear. But the industrial, scientific, and medical and technological revolutions were our solaces. The eugenic movement our salvation. And Freud, Boaz, Marx, Communism and Socialism a repetition of ancient world’s false promise – but for salvation in this world rather than the next. An unnecessary pair of wars our folly; and the postwar demonization of eugenics; and the subsequent undermining of our civilization from within by the false promises and deceits of Gramsci, Adorno-Fromm, Derrida and Freidan, Rand and Rothbard, Kristol and Strauss, and the army of their conspirators as a punishment for Christian tolerance in failing to crush them.

One must defeat an enemy on his terms, not ours. And while it is the ancient nature of our people to use violence to quickly suppress threats before they grow, our ancient enemy wars on different terms, like women, they war from within with words. Words of undermining. Words of seduction. Seduction by false promise. Promise that is unwarrantable. Promise that is untestifiable. Promises whose failures are plausibly deniable. False promises baiting into a hazard (harm). False promises by way of sophistry (cunning words). False promise by the deceit of magic, or occult or pseudoscience. False promise of freedom from the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of nature and natures God. False promise by claiming false heroes, with false intentions, against false enemies, accused of committing false crimes. criticized of thoughts, feelings, words, and arguments not made.

Their weapon is gossip. The weapon of undermining in exchange for their attention, affection, and comforts, and false promises of trust and trustworthiness.  This weapon, when used by individuals is called gossip. But when used as a group is called ‘social construction’. Socal construction of false promise by the destruction of truth, within the informational commons upon which all of us depend for our judgments, and those least able to detect false promises, and most desirous of their results, and most easily the victim of baiting into hazard, depend upon most.

The Quiet of Night, The Fire, The Stump, The Porch, The Pedestal, The Chair of Office, the Lectern, the Pulpit, The Printed Page, The Cinema, The Microphone, and Video Camera are the Weapons of Wars of Words. They are the cheapest weapons man knows of, and work slowly by the erosion of reason, trust, and will – not fast like breaking them. And the pre-war period industrialized war of weapons, but the war and postwar period industrialized the war of words. More so than writing in the early world, roads and ships in the ancient world, and printing in the old world.

And when our Church Failed to reform and translate anew our improved knowledge of the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of nature and natures God, our ancient enemy seized the opportunity to transform the Church’s academy into a new Secular Church of false promise that was counter to those laws. And to convert the industrialization of lying by false promise into the institutionalization of lying in that institution upon which our generations depend to continue our civilization, and it’s tradition of discovery, adaption to, and application of the laws of nature and nature’s god.

In order to deny the false promises of man under the presumption of unlimited growth, the education system at all levels was transformed into a pseudo-scientific religion. And as all religions do, required demonstrated belief in falsehood regardless of consequences. And they denied the findings of genetics, cognitive science, psychology, sociology, demographics, behavioral and social and political economics, with the false promise of the blank slate, our nature, our malleability, equality of ability, equality of potential, equality of opportunity, equality of value, equality of outcome, and the myth of oppression – by taking advantage of Nature and Nature’s God’s kindness, in providing us overestimation of our ability, understanding, and knowledge, so that we have the confidence and courage to persist in the tragedy of fighting the war against the dark forces of time and our ignorance.

And they blamed western European man’s truth, reciprocity, markets and eugenic suppression of the underclass through limiting reproduction to those with sufficient productivity, as his oppression of others – rather than his discovery and adaptation to physical, natural, and evolutionary laws; the conversion of the tragedy of those laws to heroism and tolerance for those laws;  the invention of adversarialism in all walks of life to continuously calculate how to exploit those laws for man’s benefit; the mastery of competition to discover new applications and exploitations of those laws;  the disproportionately rapid evolution of western man, his civilization, and his technology, and his well being, relative to other peoples.

And the application of those laws that allowed western man to drag mankind out of tyranny, stagnation, decay,  superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, child mortality, early death, and victimization by man, beast, nature, the solar system, and the galaxy.  Not because we were first. But because we were fastest no matter who was first. Not because we stagnated. But because we overextended.

And to do so in a few hundred years of the Indo-European expansion; a few hundred years in the Mediterranean expansion; and a few hundred years in the modern world – using our domestication of the horse, its combination with bronze and wheel, our adaptation to the consumption of dairy, our universal army of equals, our subsequent laws, and our rational, mathematical, legal, political, mathematical, empirical, agrarian, financial, transportation, industrial, scientific, technological, and informational revolutions.  And the explanation for that evolution and success in the Darwinian revolution.

The result of this capture of the Church’s Academy was the deliberate formation of a pseudo-intellectual intellectual class and a pseudo-education system that from top to bottom, sought to use Darwin’s discovery and explanation of evolution to seize power from the church and its role in social formation as the government had from the aristocracy previously in commercial formation, by prosecuting the Church’s allegorical mythology; that did not deny the necessity of the consequences of evolution while creating a pseudo-scientific religion to replace the church’s mythology that DID deny the consequences of evolution.

While the church may have limited the progress of human knowledge, it did not create behaviors or institutions that denied physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.  The intellectual, academy, and schooling system did, however, create a pseudoscience that denied those laws, and behaviors that were incompatible with those laws – and the result of that pseudoscience, new religion, intellectual propaganda, academic and educational falsehood is the broken civilization we live in today – by blaming western civilization as a proxy for God.

When it is European civilization that discovered the laws of the universe and the universe’s god: by our empirical truth in reporting in war; applying that reporting to our testimonial truth in our law, and by the application of that testimony to all public speech; and by repetition into those extensions of our law we call the sciences.

As such, as has happened many times before, the present fall of our civilization is due to the hubris of man, the blaming of the European peoples for the laws of nature and nature’s god. And rebelling against European civilization rather than face the tragedy of those laws incompatible with man’s fantasies, man’s heroism in transcending that tragedy by discovering, adapting to, applying, and transcending man out of victimization of those laws at the cost of suppression of the reproduction of those unfit for those laws of the universe and universe’s god.

To make matters worse, female intuition, the Jewish civilization in the social, religious philosophical and pseudoscientific disciplines, the Muslim religion in religious, military, and social discipline and organization, are all little more than rebellions of false promise against those laws at the expense of mankind – and it is western civilization alone that tolerates that war against mankind – despite being the only people who have discovered and implemented the salvation of mankind from those laws. That is why everywhere those religions go, the world reverses, stagnates, and eventually declines. With women under the yoke of their men who built civilization, the Jews cast out from civilizations over a hundred times, and the Muslims Resisted, barred from entry into civilizations, or eventually cast out.

The greatest destruction in human history is plague and disease. But Islam is the second at over a billion dead, and five dead civilizations, reduced to adust, and Judaism the third with the invention of, institutionalization of, cultural adaptation to, the art of false promise, by which undermine of Rome, give birth to Islam, create a dark age of ignorance from which only Aristotle rescued us; a hundred million dead by Communism by the same technique, the wars bolshevism to advance them and fascism to resist them, followed by Neo-marxism, postmodernism, anti-male feminism, political correctness, and intentional undermining of our borders, and continuous sponsorship of conflict between our peoples, funding of politicians and activists bent on our destruction, and an as yet unknown number of dead that will result from the resolution of th present conflict.  By comparison, the European expansion into the Americas and Africa by force is trivial by comparison to the destruction by false promise by undermining from within.

The Group Strategy of European Man is the application of what he learned from the domestication of stone, wood, clay, metal, plant, beasts, and himself – was the primacy of man was possible – that we would no longer be a victim of nature or nature’s God, if we applied the lessons of nature and nature’s God, and domesticated ALL MANKIND as we had domesticated all and ourselves before. Had we not had our senseless civil war to prevent Germany from the restoration of her traditional roles as the holy roman empire, and the heart of European civilization, the colonial project might have completed and the current world chaos and the current crisis in the west, been avoided.

Domestication requires the production of a militia of owners of the polity, rule of law, judge and jury, markets in aspects of life, and to limit the reproduction of the unproductive, and to hang or worse those who violate those laws and the markets that result from nature; and over the passage of years, to produce a whole people that is ALSO able to discover, adapt to, and apply the laws of nature and nature’s god at the cost of the suppression of the reproduction of the unfit for those laws, and the culling of the hazardous unfit for life among us.

This was, and remains, the mission of European Man: To never fall prey to the failures of all other civilizations by stagnation and decline; to discover and adapt to those the laws of nature, natural law, and evolutionary transcendence ; to ensure neither we nor others limit man to “The Great Filter”{1} of our own extinction; to maintain the primacy of man; and to drag ourselves, and mankind through a condition of continuous prosperity;  to ensure, and bring about, the transcendence of man into the gods we imagine; within this brief period of natural, geological, astrological, and galactic peace. To seize our one opportunity to turn this earth, this system this universe into heavens. 

And for all Christians in Christendom, in the words of our faith: Our Pagan ancestors alone, on their own, discovered, adapted to, and applied the laws of nature and Nature’s God. And with those laws, they transformed themselves and others by the heroism and tragedy of law, competition, and war. But when reaching out beyond their lands, the tragedy of God’s laws was too much for less hardened men to bear. So God sent Jesus Christ and his love, to teach us how to work together to bear the tragedy of his laws, and his promise of comfort and joy in life and salvation after for our efforts. Our pagan ancestors were the only people to discover God’s laws, and Jesus the only man to improve upon them. And all the faults of Christendom, are not those of God, nor Jesus, nor his words, but those of men who came after, and forged weapons of evil, from the gift of Jesus’ love.

No matter the name we call our God:, Sky Father, Zeus, Jupiter, Tyr, or Odin, Dios, or the son of God, Jesus Christ, there is but one set of laws, written in the fabric of our universe, in this earth, in all upon it, in the body, mind, and actions of man, for all to see. And all else is the work of man’s ignorance, error, deceit, fraud, and evil.

So for those who say European man has no identity, no culture, no civilization, and no mission – it is those who seek to repeat the dark ages, and once again destroy mankind, to turn civilizations to dust, to run down the sands of the hourglass of man’s time; to return man to poverty and hardship by false promise of freedom from the laws of nature, and nature’s god.

Our Law, the Law of the European Peoples. The Law our Forefathers Discovered. The law our forefathers left us in our natural law, our common law, and our constitution of natural and common law. That is not the law of men. That Law is The Law of Nature and Nature’s God: The Physical Laws of Nature, the Natural Law of Sovereignty and Reciprocity, and the Competitions that Result. The Evolutionary Law of Transcendence. Where we obey those laws by Heroism and Tragedy, Truth and Duty, Excellence and Beauty, seeking to transform the world closer to paradise for having lived in it. And by the sacrifice we make by war, law, labor, and love, for the Tragedy we bear by our efforts, in exchange for the fruits of our efforts, the love of one another, the love of Jesus Christ, and the honor of those in our past, and the future of those that shall follow us into this earth – and both of the heavens.

Any people on earth may adopt the laws of nature and nature’s god, discovered, adapted to, recorded, and applied by Europeans. We have recorded those laws for all mankind so that together we may transcend into gods. We welcome all who will also learn, adapt to, and apply the laws of nature and nature’s god at the cost of suppression of the reproduction of those who are unfit for life under those laws, by the failure of self-sufficiency, despite full and honest efforts, or failure of reciprocity in display, word, and deed, despite one’s lack of efforts. And we will share the rewards of following those laws, our elegant commons that we invest with the fruits; our respect; and the love of Jesus Christ for sharing the burden of the Tragedy of those laws.

But if you are among us, you come among us, you come upon us, or you come against us, to change, reverse, or end our discovery of, adaptation to, application of, that civilization, those arts, those works, those institutions, built upon them, whether by design, incentive or folly – then you have worn our patience, our Christian tolerance, our resources, and our people to the very end. 

So we have offered a proposal for separation.  And you may separate into a small number of free cities and have your slums and favelas. You may leave. You may recant. You may fly the nation’s flag. You may change office, career, occupation, marriage or friends. You may put your hardest efforts into full integration, and bearing the costs of the tragedy of the laws of nature and nature’s god along with us in our race into godhood before our sands of time run out.

But your second war on European civilization is done. Whether by conspiracy of design, conspiracy of incentive, victimhood, naivety, or folly. And if you resist, even for a moment, by display word or deed, we will hunt you to the ends of this earth, until you and your line are no more, and every word spoken, written or captured, every stone turned, brick laid, wood nailed, or steel welded, in the making of your crimes are reduced to the ashes and dust you, just as your kind have put the arts letters, works, and institutions of those civilizations you have destroyed by false promise before us.

If there is a devil among mankind it is the false promise of freedom from physical natural and evolutionary laws: the laws of nature and nature’s god.

And may nature and nature’s God, show no patience, no tolerance, and no mercy, to those who stand in the way of our transcendence of ourselves and all of mankind who would join us, into gods worthy of these heavens.

For we shall have no mercy, nor forgiveness, either. 

We are European. We love our arts. And our first art is war.

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