The Original Christianity?

Curt Doolittle

Jesus’ sermon on the mount is the original teaching. What paul manufactured was a cult. What the jews practiced was the original christianity. what the byzantines institutionalized was a state political religion. What the byzantines forced upon the west was an alien state religion of conquest. What Romans evolved into catholicism was the attempt to europeanize (accomodate philosophy) the byzantine (greek) state religion. What christianity was spread into europe by force against the will of the people, ws for political purposes. What the reformation produced was closer to what the ancient jews practiced. What the american evangelicals produced is closer to the cult invented by paul (saul). What jefferson produced and I want to produce (if anything at all) is jesus’ teaching in philosophical rather than superstitious prose. What the natural law says is that jesus’s demand for excessive forgiveness was an innovation, that made virtue possible for the ignorant, poor, and otherwise lacking merit – which was absent from roman civilization and unnecessary in germanic.

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