The Talking Points: Painful Truths in Response To Current Events


    1. Please read my article on Law Enforcement Reform which explains the problem and solution to the series of crises before reading these ‘harsh and painful rebuttals’.
    2. There is no evidence of systemic racism in the police forces. There is systemic evidence of vast differences in impulsivity, criminality, and violence between the races, and this is a genetic difference in our degree of neoteny and therefor rates of maturity. The polic are acting rationally.
    3. There is a systemic problem of difficulty in policing, social life, and governance betcuase of our denial of these vast differences between our peoples.
    4. The result has been a militarization of the police forces, that mirrors the decline in the quality of our lawyers and courts, and politicians and politics, because we are denying the immaleability of human nature, and the vast differences in behavior that result.


There are truthful painful retorts (talking points) for libertarians, centrists, and conservatives.



• There are no peaceful protesters any longer. There are human shields providing Antifa Terrorists, and Looters and Vandals cover. You lost moral license with the violence. Because you didn’t control your own radicals.

• Oh no. We saw lots of white Antifa vandals, because that’s their method – vandalism. But all the beating and murdering of white people was by blacks. (And yes we’ve collected videos). Which is the usual. As you’d expect. Black people hate white people.

• Most of the ANTIFA are white. Most of the looters and those doing the violence are black and brown. As usual, violence by black and brown against whites dominates.

• What is the relationship between BLM (mostly black) and Antifa (mostly white) other than the Soros organization that Eastern Europeans and Russians have banned from their countries? Why hasn’t the USG Suppressed these terrorist organizations?

• The police, guard, and military cannot handle this level of insurrection without ‘setting an example’ (fear). And ‘setting an Example’ will delegitimize the state both domestically and internationally. As such they will do nothing except appeasement in an effort to de-escalate.

• We are experiencing a great historical moment in the breakdown of the idea that diversity brings harmony. We should anticipate many whites coming closer to our side. The black question can’t be hidden under the rug forever when they are burning our cities. — Ricardo Duchesne

• Let me tell you what happened: Soros-Antifa gave the president license to finally hunt them down. We need homeland security to get to Soros. And crucify him.

• You don’t understand. We aren’t afraid. The government is saving you from us. Because we’ve had enough of you undomesticated animals, your pretense of victimhood, your false virtue signaling and your hatred of the civilization that made your selfish self righteousness possible.

•  I have an enviable record of predicting future events. And this one is falling into place like clockwork. First the virus, second soros funds another Antifa-BLM rebellion, and pressing a POTUS, subject to conspiracy by the left, into a corner. It’s amazing. 😉 … Clockwork.


• Community Policing is generally defined as a law enforcement philosophy where officers serve the same area in order to create a trust with citizens living and working in that area, so that they can prevent rather than respond to crimes. (As sheriffs did.) PATERNALISM.

• VERDICT: I saw a f-king idiot that should not be on the police force, use a standard limited-effort martial submission technique on a larger man that he knew, who had a long criminal history, and was engaged in a crime, because his police partners were too weak to provide him support or to pull him off the victim when they should have.

• VERDICT: An ordinary cop, used a standard, usually-harmless limited-effort martial submission technique on a man that he knew, who had a long criminal history, engaged in a crime, and resisted arrest, because his police partners were too weak to assist him: an accidental death.

• VERDICT: Like the previous problem with non-european airline pilots, the other officers failed to exercise judgement in rescuing the victim from an officer who was himself making a presumption that the victim was yet another example of crying wolf. Judgment not hierarchy must prevail.

• Only two problems with police forces: insufficient numbers of officers per vehicle, which causes them to escalate force rather than deescalate, and a large black and brown population that is demographically, genetically, culturally, normatively, unfit for survival in an advanced industrial technological economy, and angry about it, who resist them. This pair of malincentives produces predictable results: violent black and browns needing escalations of force to bring them into custody and then the system.

• There is no evidence of systemic bias in American police forces – just the opposite. Conversely, there is pervasive evidence of systemic black and brown impulsivity, deceit, criminality, and violence, and that this criminality and violence is disproportionately against whites, as evidence of systemic hatred of whites.

• In 2017, blacks represented 12% of the U.S. adult population but 33% of the sentenced prison population. Whites accounted for 64% of adults but 30% of prisoners. And while Hispanics represented 16% of the adult population, they accounted for 23% of inmates. Excessive Black and Brown CRIMINALITY.

• Don’t try to hide your lies. What are you going to do about endemic black impulsivity, lying, violence, criminality, and resistance to arrest, and violence against officers so that police do not have to use life endangering force, or lethal force, to bring people into custody?

• Shame on you. Solve the problem.What are you going to do about endemic black impulsivity, lying, violence, criminality, and resistance to arrest, and violence against officers so that police do not have to use life endangering force, or lethal force, to bring people into custody?

• Equal also means equal in our treatment of police. What are you going to do about black impulsivity, violence, criminality, and resistance to arrest, and violence against officers so that police do not have to use life endangering force, or lethal force, to bring people into custody?

• Repetitive? So BLM should stop saying the same sh-t over and over again? That black impulsivity, incivility, non integration, violence, criminality, resistance to and violence against police, is not responsible for forcing police to maximize force in self-defense?

• There is plenty of reason to expect that extremely violent and criminal people who resist the police who know they’re extremely violent and criminal people, would produce police officers who in self defense must use maximum force to main maximum control for their own safety.

• Statistics. Since blacks at 16% of the population produce 50% of the crime it’s only reasonable that people will assume black people committed a crime. So fix your people so that others don’t assume the obvious: You are the problem.

• Law says you will comply with requests of officers, including providing truthful testimony, information, and not resist, or subject the officers to danger or violence.Are you trying to claim that given such high rates of black violence that the officers are acting with bias?

• “What America needs to do is treat blacks as human being with free will who, when they make good choices enjoy the benefits and when they make bad choices experience the consequences. Instead, The Establishment views blacks as our Sacred Cows, above criticism, but beneath agency.”– Steve Sailer


• Racism is natural and beneficial self defense by more genetically pacified, cognitively and emotionally evolved, and culturally advanced, people from less pacified, evolved, and advanced peoples. Fix brown superstition, free riding, criminality, and violence, or we must separate.

• Racism is a normal human reaction in self defense against incompatible people who force us to bear costs we cannot or will not bear. You and yours are expensive. Pandering to you was possible during prosperity. But prosperity is over. We can’t afford you.

• Black and Brown people aren’t oppressed by whites. WE DEFEND OURSELVES FROM YOU. We defend our institutions, commons, traditions, manners, ethics, morals, from you. But we (whites) can no longer compensate for the high cost, and harm of brown and black people. It’s just economics and demographics.

• The only solution to Racism is separation, so that you can develop manners, ethics, morals, norms, institutions, and elites suitable for your people, and a marketplace where they are not at a disadvantage. you cannot compete. It’s genetic. It’s not oppression – it’s SELF DEFENSE FROM YOU.


• We don’t have a privilege we have an EARNED ADVANTAGE – that you are unwilling to pay the genetic, cultural, and behavioral costs of paying as white people have. We earned our advantage. You need to reform and earn yours. What will you do to stop endemic black impulsivity, violence, and crime, and earn an advantage?

• White privilege is an EARNED ADVANTAGE – by the continuous demonstrated behavior of white people. What will you do to earn that advantage? What are you going to do so that you genetically and culturally domesticate your people so that you are not a burden of  costs, stress, wariness, criminality, and violence on whites?

• Why do you have the PRIVILEGE of access to white people, white countries, white institutions, white culture, white mathematics, science, medicine, technology, economies, law, and politics if you won’t pay the price of white language, dress, manners, ethics, morals, culture, tradition, and religion? Pay for it. Conform.

• What have black and brown people done to EARN access to the ADVANTAGE of white civilization, institutions, traditions, morals, ethics, manners, dress, hygiene, commons, markets, of whites – if they don’t pay the cost of full integration regardless of cost? They can’t survive in an advanced economy.


• I tell the truth. The truth is necessary so that we can end the attempt at universalism, globalism, multiculturalism, as excuses to overrun western civlization with primitive peoples unable to participate in an advanced commercial, high trust, high commons, civilization.

• Truth is painful. It is understandable why you would object to it. Because it means you have to reform yourself,your ideas, your social and political groups. And it is a burden you cannot bear – because you are unable. So you blame others for your failures in the genetic lottery.

• Truth is painful. That’ is why we need it. If we didn’t naturally lie to ourselves and each other about nearly everything the very notion of truth would be unnecessary. You’re unfit. It’s time to separate into blue city states and red territorial states. Go separate our ways.

• I articulate truths no on else will. I dont care what names you call me. Truth is truth. And truth is enough. There is no reason to tolerate incivility, violence, criminality, non integration. Evolution is simple. Take responsibility. Adapt. … If you don’t, civil war.

• I’m a scientist. You’re clearly not. That leaves you only the spectrums of sophistry, supernatural to occult, idealism to surrealism, pseudoscience to magic. Which one of those falsehoods will you use to deny the truth?

• Your people are disproportionately below minimum intelligence and conscientiousness, and lack hygiene, dress, manners, ethics, morals, diction, vocabulary, for participation in the industrial technological marketplace. As such only separation will serve your interests.

• You could always state the truth: that you’re inferior, unable to compete in the world market, unable to integrate into market manners, ethics, morals, and norms, and that the USA was designed as the first market predicated, middle class majority country and you’re unfit for it.

• If you stated the truth, that you cannot compete in the world market, we would easily trade you redistribution for conformity to norms. If you cannot conform to norms then you have nothing to offer and we must separate.

• Our culture is commerce. That’s why you can’t fit in. Middle class commercial hygiene, dress, manners, ethics, morals, and behavior. Undesirable producers. Undesirable employees. Undesirable customer interface. Undesirable customers. Undesirable neighbors. Undesirable citizens.

• The problem is genetic. Then, add ‘anti-social’ (anti-middle class) hygiene, dress, manners, ethics, morals, diction, vocabulary,  self control, body language and that removes about twenty percent of income potential even at the bottom. The net is that 2/3 of black americans cannot participate in advanced commercial civilization. Add christianity, hygiene, dress, and manners and restore it.

• It’s genetic. And proximity crates hostility. You cannot behave according to the civil standards of more genetically,culturally, and institutionally evolves whites so you cannot obtain the benefits of their civilization. We must separate and go your own way to eliminate conflict.

• The problem isn’t resolvable. The “Great Society Program” that moved blacks to white cities in order to advance the democratic left’s political agenda destroyed black communities, families, middle classes, and elites, and separation will restore them.

• Domestication is produced by selective breeding for pacifism that produces neoteny. Because of agrarianism, Europeans did it. East asians did it. Brown and black people didn’t do it. Black and brown people did the opposite: selected for rapid sexual maturity given environments.

• You aren’t oppressed. You were being domesticated: genetically and culturally pacified. Europeans domesticated themselves for thousands of years. This is why you and your are unfit for participation in an industrial-technological civilization in competition with whites and asians.

• Blacks and browns are demographically incapable of competing in the marketplace in an advanced society, and so are marginalized by consequence, while still in proximity to advanced peoples. This creates friction, and is why multiculturalism and ethnic heterogeneity always creates conflict.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 9.09.56 PM


The civil war was over the control of the western territories. As agrarian, they would have sided with the agrarian south, with Atlanta as the capital of the continent, and an industrial north cut off from near markets. The south paid all the federal taxes and the north none.

The civil war was all about money and only morons bought the slavery pretext just like only morons buy the bias today. Reality is 8% of the population (male blacks) commit 50% of crime and are most likely to resist, and fight with officers trying to bring them into custody. (don’t be dumb)


• I stand on the side of agency and excellence, heroism and duty, sovereignty and reciprocity, testimony and jury, markets in all walks of life, and the eugenic suppression of the reproduction of the underclasses by those markets, so that proceeds are directed to producing commons.

• Truth is truth. The reason the west evolved faster than all the rest, and dragged man out of ignorance, poverty, suffering, and disease is testimonial speech: truth-before-face regardless of cost. The reason we fail is the reintroduction of face-before-truth in the postwar era.

• All humans are in fact animals. Neoteny is the result of this genetic pacification. And it affects rates of maturity, as well as personality and behavior. We can rank all groups by degree of neoteny: East asians most, western europeans next, and everyone else pretty far behind.

• This is why we are incompatible with lesser evolved groups and we are compatible with equally or more evolved groups (asians). ANd we see this distribution in the criminal data, employment data, intelligence testing, personality traits, and all demonstrated behavior. Truth is.

• There is no morality in war. We conquered, killed and replaced a violent primitive inferior people, settled the continent, and used the proceeds to raise mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty,starvation, disease, suffering, and early death. I’m ok with that.

• If colonialism was such a tragedy how about we take back our truth, math, science, medicine, technology, rule of law, human rights, republicanism, democratic representation, christianity, defense of international borders, data, money, finance, and trade. We didn’t do it well at times. But you did nothing.

• Scientifically speaking #WhiteLivesMatterMore In fact, #WhiteLivesMatterMost I mean, whites dragged the primitives out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, early death – and they really, hate us for it. Because they can’t compete in it.

#WhiteLivesMatter #WhiteLivesMatterMore #WhiteLivesMatterMost Whites dragged the rest out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, early death – and they hate us for it. Because they want the benefits of white civ. but can’t compete in it.

• The future is Johannesburg. You ruin everything you touch. You’re genetic, cultural, institutional, cancer. Not gonna happen here. Period. Separate or civil war.


The lessons are that (a) the state must rapidly take control and provide a venue, and audience, for protests – this creates deescalation. (b) conversely, states must enforce by military force, the prohibition on violence, vandalism, and looting.  (c) if possible states must work with protest leaders on POSSIBLE action plan with committments by both sides (d) states may not pander to protesters, and must correct narratives no matter the cost. (e) the news media must be held accountable for inciting violence and rebellion, pandering to fals narratives, and failing to provide explanations of rational incentives on all sides.


• Truth isn’t cruel. Pandering to people like you instead of forcing you into civil manners, ethics, morals, education, and the workforce is what’s cruel. … Because you can escape responsibility for  your actions by complaining about others when you are the problem.

• You feel. You don’t think. It’s what separates your gene pool from ours: the feminine equalitarian hyper-consumptive dysgenic herd instinct vs masculine meritocratic capitalizing eugenic packs. We can afford to separate. You will have your Johannesberg future, and we civilization.

• A long chain of good decisions made me and mine. A long chain of bad decisions made you and yours. Own it. Take responsibility for your community. Reform. Whites are not responsible for your criminality.

• You’d have to be able to read polysyllables, have a strong grasp of mathematics, the sciences, economics, and law. And, you know, Dunning-Kruger effect. Simple folk can’t imagine how simple they are. Don’t worry. It’s over your head.

• I’m not only going to disrespect you and them again, but do it continuously every single day until you reform – and solve the problem of black criminality.

• Then why are you talking to me? I know the answer. Your biology is reacting against the truth you cannot bear.


• Simple strategy. Social science. People are incapable of truthful self reporting (surveys). They are likewise incapable of not defending their genetic (moral) cognitive biases. So to understand a given position, threaten their genetic strategy, and experiment with propositions.

• Through iterations of experiments, discover a framework for conveying ideas that circumvents their cognitive biases, even if it is only through suggestion. This effectively plants seeds. Once the message (positioning) is discovered, generate controversy in order to repeat it.

• This has helped me understand all ‘factions’ and to produce a set of constitutional amendments that make possible the satisfaction of different moral intuitions (political biases), so that we can devolve the federal govt (as intended) and customize regional policy and norms.

• Useful idiot for both sides. I used your arrogance, self righteousness, special pleading, vulnerability to the left’s false promise of freedom from physical(scarcity), natural(reciprocity),and evolutionary(eugenic) law,and resulting delusion as a vehicle for spreading the Truth.


• You apparently don’t do research before sh-t talking 😉 I eat liberals like Pringles with beer. And If you squeeze them hard over your beer you can get touch of sale from their tears.

• –“You must’ve sold your soul.”–
Gods don’t have souls. No need. But we collect yours like headhunters to use as trophies in the great game. 😉

• Actually, I’m a genius by every possible measure. You are simply afflicted with the female cognitive bias (it’s a genetic defect, it’s not your fault) so that your empathizing out-competes your systematizing, and you are unable to practice truth-before-face, regardless of cost.

• I have to lower myself to twitter audience standards. We call it ‘slumming’.

• In other words you have little market value, an overstated sense of worth, and have failed to mature into an adult male who takes responsibility for the commons. 😉

• I realize you are just a female, and probably on the pill, so you have hippocampal damage in addition to estrogen, high trait neuroticism, and a brain evolved for the cognitive load of multiple offspring. … Leave evidence and data to men. We don’t have those issues.

• You aren’t smart enough to have adult conversations about social science. which is why you aren’t smart enough to have opinions about matters of social science. Bake cookies and gossip. it’s what evolution made you for. Leave uncomfortable truths, politics, and war for men.

• You can go back to scratching dirt in africa, give up all our agrarian, financial, industrial, scientific, technological, political, revolutions. We can buy you a ticket. … I know more african history than you do. No comparison to your ancestor’s barbarism.

• All politics is but proxy for violence. What kiddy pool are you splashing in? Man lies, cheats, free rides, defrauds, steals, fights, wars, and politics is the means by which we struggle to constrain people to reciprocal cooperation in markets of voluntary exchange.

• Well, you know, Dunning-Kruger effect. Simple folk can’t imagine how simple they are.

•  You and yours are to civilization as cancer is to the body, and dysgenia is to genes.

• Put your diapers on first.

• Please call a helpline. There are services for the mentally ill. Even dumb ones who can’t manage the American English grammar. 😉 Oh and remember to wash behind your ears, and brush your teeth before bed. (And maybe check for bedbugs first.)

• Do I advocate violence? That’s an in complete sentence, correct? Do you mean, do I advocate the use of violence in self defense? To suppress crime, enforce natural law, judgments of the court, and civic order? For rebellion, civil war, and war? Or just to discipline infantile liberals? 😉

—“Cunt Doolittle, you’re a sick cunt”— Philip
—“Mother Nature is a sick cunt. He’s just warning you.”— Pooky

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  1. “• This is why we are incompatible with lesser evolved groups and we are compatible with equally or more evolved groups (asians). ANd we see this distribution in the criminal data, employment data, intelligence testing, personality traits, and all demonstrated behavior. Truth is.

    • There is no morality in war. We conquered, killed and replaced a violent primitive inferior people, settled the continent, and used the proceeds to raise mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty,starvation, disease, suffering, and early death. I’m ok with that.”

    The juxtaposition of these two points seems counterintuitive, since Amerindians aren’t all that genetically distant from northeastern Asians.

    Saying that northeastern Asians are superior is only supported by IQ studies that don’t properly sample the northeastern Asian population (under-sampling non-coastal China and Mongolia). It also doesn’t account for European world hegemony, greater European creativity, and, as you put it, valuing truth over face.

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