What Is the Truth of Social Sciences


—“And what is the truth?”—LuckySnake@evrythingstays

The truth is social science is obvious because stereotypes are the most accurate measure in social science, because they survive daily falsification by millions of us. That said, data matches the stereotypes. But It wasn’t until genetics we knew why: Neoteny & Class Distribution.

The result being that rates and depths of sexual maturity, resulting agency, resulting trait distributions, particularly conscientiousness and intelligence produce different ‘challenges’ in normalizing behavior between groups.

Given universal kin selection and ingroup bias, and given predictable hierarchy of sexual, social, economic, and political market values, determined by those traits, we are socially(normatively), economically(competitively), and politically (demands for commons), incompatible.

This is why proximity creates hostility. Ergo, the only solution is separation, which would provide the incentives destroyed by the great society (socialist relocation) movement, for communities to produce norms, institutions, and elites suitable for those distributions.

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