White Pathological Altruism Explained

—“Can we finally retire the ‘Pathological Altruism’ nonsense? Forever? Whites behave much the same as occupied peoples. The decoupling of the White elites from the White masses has occurred already, but the White masses are yet to accept or understand this fact.”–Tyrone Jackson @cashmoneyglock

1) Pathological altruism is incorrect. It’s a high trust polity. We are the only people on earth to have developed it. Technically speaking our geography and mixed agrarian pastoralism prevented power centralization and required professional warriors and a miltia.

2) And in a universal militia, tactics dependent upon maneuver you have status regardless of rank if you do your duty. therefor status and respect are available to all. As a consequence we developed rule of law by sovereignty and reciprocity, that created market merit and eugenics.

3) And then Christianity added tolerance sufficient to win the prisoners’ dilemma game at scale. So between standing, sovereignty, reciprocity, truth-before-face regardless of cost, Christian tolerance, tri-functionalism, and markets in everything we discovered fastest adaptation.

4) But there were four weaknesses. (a) sovereignty allows you to make choices that are bad for you, (b) Christian charity can’t handle mass migration of enemies, (c) H-C immigration act was successful, (d) democracy without meritocracy in the franchise exposed all weaknesses.

5) The only solution is separation or civil war and there is zero chance we make it to or thru the winter without one. And if I am correct it will involve putting the immigrant cities thru winter without water, power, food, and just waiting.

It’s just dominoes now. Deterministic.

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