The Result of Tests

—“I suspected there was some sort experiment with ‘shaming’ going on. That ‘you don’t deserve elites, you’re shit’ post left me thinking, “this reminds me of some of his past posts which came across as ‘tough love’ except this is on steroids.”
Was JM in on the test too? I wasn’t sure if he was just answering too many questions at once or if he was doubling down on the penis envy thing cause he just kept hammering it to people who were sincerely trying to explain why the BLM thing had stirred up so much negative reaction ie the ‘cucking’ stuff was really about feeling ‘thrown under the bus’ for the sake of people they feel are a genuine threat to their safety. That’s why the ‘dick praise’ memes were striking such a raw nerve.”—G C M


No, it was just me doing my thing of trying to understand.

I narrowed the problem down over the course of two days and net is I just didn’t understand that the people would sit at home and equate the BLM murderous communists abusing our people, with the tactical problem at the event. I do now but I sure didn’t then. So I incorrectly interpreted it as outsiders trying to shit on the movement. And to use cancel culture so that wn’s could gain click points. So I just fucked up. But then I never really do understand the popular mind. That’s not my thing or job. And I burned my self with that simple mistake. Not because I threw them under the bus. Because they threw me under the bus for it. They used cancel culture because I didn’t show appropriate fealty to their emotional scripture. They could have rolled with the punch with me but didn’t. They burned me instead. Just like the left does. Which I just didn’t expect either.

I don’t want to be a leader, I can’t be. Even if I did a leader can’t succeed. A leader will be personalized and crushed (alinsky method) like trump is crushed. Instead, I can only architect solutions that a multitude of leaders advance. So I put forth a strategy to circumvent this problem by giving us something moral to demand that wasn’t uncle Adolph to rally under. it was a defense against left and state. it allowed us to politically organize without suppression. It allowed us to mass men to deliver a message. It allowed us to roll from a mass of men morally licensed to deliver a message to morally licensed to fight for it. But the little people won’t take it.

They want an uncle Adolph.
They aren’t brave without one.
They can’t organize without one.
They can’t show up without one.
They probably can’t fight even with one.
The left is better at preventing the emergence of one.
They won’t offer enough to make it worth the cost of trying to emerge as one.
They are sensitive, not rational, reactive not dedicated.
They want their feelings satisfied on their terms.
They talk tough but they won’t show up.
They talk brave but are cautious and cowardly.
They talk armies but don’t have numbers to form a posse.
Because of that, they will be defeated.

So what will happen is the ns/wn will start direct action, which will play into the left and the state’s hands, the state will crush them because the cities are controlled by them, and the demos will win because of it, and prevent our people from centralizing on a political agenda or mass organization.

The left’s intuitions are superior. Their organization is superior. Ther planning and tactics are superior. their method of fighting is superior. Their willingness is superior. Their risk tolerance is superior. Their physical fitness is superior. they are younger. there are more of them. They now outnumber whites by a significant margin once you include the leftist whites in the measure.

You have to defeat an enemy on their terms not yours.
You need the strategy you need not the strategy you want.
You need the leadership you need not the leadership you want.
Because conservative instincts are shit in politics and war. Because they’re Christian instincts not Aryan. And that’s the root of the problem. That’s why the west won: A small martial Aryan aristocracy and a large docile Christian popoulation who served them, and who could be paid by them to fight for profit in war.

The aristocratic families have been displaced in Europe. They were prohibited in america. There is no martial aristocracy left in the military. There is no white aristocracy left in civilian life. There are no aristocratic arts and letters. There is no aristocracy in the academy. All of this is fixable with political control. But we can’t get it now.

The church failed to modernize. It created the opportunity for a new false promise. The postwar jews seized it. They successfully disintermediated the aristocracy from the people using the Vietnam war. They successfully replaced the aristocracy in the universities. They successfully replaced masculinity in the population. They successfully replaced the church with the false promises of marxism and postmodernism. They took over finance and pushed moral aristocracy out of it. They immigrated millions of those unfit for our civilization who could only but vote and fight against it, but and not integrate. So without the aristocracy, we’re done. And I’m the last generation that was taught aristocracy.

So Rome fell for these reasons and the west is falling for these reasons. And like I said it’s Christianity to make men weak, and Judaism to sell them false promises, and Islam to conquer and replace them like all other civilizations in history. there is no difference between marxism (Judaism), feminism-postmodernism (Christianity) and multiculturalism (Islam to destroy identity).

So that is why I disagree that it’s a white problem. It’s an aristocracy problem. And the only whites that have ever existed are the aristocracy. The rest are just people with white skin.

So there is ‘no one to wake up’. There are no whites to ‘wake up’. They are gone. The few that remain have joined the enemy that shares their interests and abandoned the little people who abandoned them in favor – once again – of the false promises of Christianity, mythology, and jews.

And I”m burned in the marketplace so I can’t do anything about it except my usual, “I told you so”.

Which happens a lot.

As for me, my mission was motivated by my love of our people. Over the past two days I stopped loving them. And to pay this high a cost you need to love them. But they are too much a danger to any elites that will help them. They are too ineffective, demanding, risk-averse to desire to pay the cost of leading them.

So the disappointment is reciprocal.

There are capable people running the movement now. I can step back. I can go back to research and development without the pressure of solving the problem that is to come.





You want a daddy or a Hitler or a priest. I’m a philosopher or lawgiver.
I’m giving you what you need, not what you want. You want inspiration but you have nothing to give. you want leadershi but nothing to show for it. ANd what you need is a kick in the 80IQ pants

You have no one. You have nothing. You can’t organize a damned response to an antifa rally or blm event. you can’t even show up at an event like ours. You need fking hand holding like little boys.


Don’t you get it? Don’t you see why you don’t have any? Don’t you see why your elites have abandoned you?


You get to man the fk up and show up and do something FIRST.

And I’m going to continue my daily disrespect for you until you man up and show up, armed and ready, at every opportunity, until you’re men gain, instead of boys waiting at the pew for the permission of the priest.

Because until then you don’t deserve leaders.
That’s why you don’t have any.

Man up.


=== 2) VIA POSITIVA===

You aren’t trying to help by asking for the WRONG THING.

Man the fuck up. Stop asking me to be father jesus or uncle Adolph, and take up the mission yourselves.

Stop wanting shit served to you on a plate of your liking, and fucking take knife to the kill that’s in front of you.


There are no elites serving you because you fucked up and think it’s possible to serve you on your terms. YOu can’t have your mac and cheese if you want to win.

This is what you get to eat.

Or you will continue to fail like you and yours have faled for a century of loss after loss trying to repeat past mistakes by fighting the last war.

So no. I’m not going to give you want you want. I’m not going to pander to you . Pandering is for the enemy. Either man the fk up and get on board, or keep hoping for your savior – which will work as well as it has for two thousand years.

I’m not here to make you happy.

I’m here to make you win.


=== 3) VIA NEGATIVA===

By: Curt Doolittle

I learned. I just didn’t like it. and Like I said, I’m not the frontman for populism. I did my job. I created an intellectual movement and solution. I wanted to accelerate because I see what’s coming. We had no one else to launch a political movement with. I failed. And what I have learned, I said the other night – that the people have lost their elites to the global incentives. That we need an elite solution to save them. But the people want a populist one. they want to compete with the left on the left’s terms. And they can’t win a populist war with the left. Our people aren’t politically cunning enough.

I’m tired. Frustrated. I put everything into it I had and it wasn’t enough. And my feeling is that the people deserve what they get. They are going to get (((global))) rulers and non-white masters.

I might feel better after a few days of rest. But our people are too far gone. It’s not the enemy that defeats them. It’s them.
I never really understood intuitively why Rome fell until today.

The historians were right. It was the people themselves.

The only thing left is war.

Maybe the barbarians won’t win this time.

Just Maybe.


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