American Generations


1997 to 2012: Generation Z (Snowflake Generation)
… Gen Z.2 The “Economically Hopeless”
… Gen Z.1 The “Kids with Mobile Phones”

1981 to 1996: Millennials or Gen Y (Pet Generation)
…. Gen Y.2 (First Full internet generation)
…. Gen Y.1 (The desktop generation)

1965 to 1980: Generation X (latchkey Generation, Cable TV, Fast food Franchises, Malls, mtv, lots of tv,)

1955 to 1964: Jones generation (oil crisis / Wall Street / Tech)

1946 to 1955: Baby Boomers (postwar, little pink houses)
…. Gen BB.2 civil rights, communist bombings, summer of love
…. Gen BB.1 Beatles, and Kennedy

1928 to 1945: the Silent Generation (war gen)

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