DEFINITION: Productive

Hey Curt, can I get a disambiguation of the “productive” part of the 5 point definition of reciprocity? The word itself is intuitive, but I’m trying to break it down into further specifics that can be easily understood by the public.

Productive vs Parasitic
Productive means Not parasitic, and no incentive to retaliate.
A transfer or exchange where my demonstrated interests are greater afterward.

For example, blackmail is not productive, it’s parasitic. And Corruption is parasitic, not productive. Even if they are true (‘fully informed”) an even if it is voluntary (“a choice”) neither blackmail or corruption are productive, and they encourage me to retaliate.

If I say, give money to beggar, I feel good about it. I made someone else feel good. Neither wants to retaliate. If I give money to a bureaucrat or he won’t do his job in a timely fashion, I din’t gain anything, and I now can’t use that resource for the satisfaction of my wants – I don’t feel good and I resent him (want to retaliate).

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