Events of the Fourth

Can we please just get a plainly spoken factual breakdown on what happened on the 4th? All I saw is a few short clips of P raising the fist with BLM (or whoever those guys were). Can someone comment and just lay it all out?

John did a long post about it, a video about it, and a dozen of us have explained it a number of times. And it doesn’t matter what we do.

It’s not complicated.

We felt the acceleration. We wanted a small event. We expected only a hundred and got more than two hundred from all over the continent. We wanted it in a public place, and with police coverage. And we wanted it in Richmond for Strategic reasons. The 2a people were already going to be there. They didn’t object if we showed up but supported them too. It would be good for everyone’s numbers.

Day of we set up security and medical tent. Great security. The 2A group was almost entirely white people – we had whites and non whites with us. It was really, really, hot. We waited through the 2A group speeches. They moved down into the shade because the sun was unbearable.

We knew that BLM/Antifa was planning on showing. As we saw in video, some BLM guys showed up. Paid the organizer some money (donation). Started moving toward us.

The 2A folk finished their speeches. The organizers gave us the microphone. I started giving my speech. The cops pulled up with an armored riot vehicle. Someone started asking who was a racist on a megaphone. Two fking idiots roman saluted. The BLM and 2A people started chanting and marching on us. We got into pushing and a few blows, and very close to a firefight. (And yeah i thought about ‘heroing’ it but it would have been stupid). A bunch of our guys went to the front and started hugging the 2A people.

It worked. Everyone calmed down. I paused then kept on going with my speech. I finished it. There were a lot of 2A people to my left. I assume most people think there were a lot of BLM but it was just two young guys and a lot of 2A people trying to protect their image as race-neutral.

So It’s their event we’re riding on. It’s their microphone. Our people were all happy, everything was fine. The 2A guys come up and ask if I”ll talk to the BLM guys. Since we just made peace, I’m not gonna screw that up. The BLM come up and ask if we can talk. Tell me that they wan’t to improve their image since the national thing is not what they represent. I don’t know but I just want to de-escalate and keep everyone happy. I talk locker room nonsense with them a bit about how our differences are rational and due to class sizes, I make the joke about dicks vs agency and everything is calm. I’m doing my ‘be reasonable’ thing. Keep the peace.

They say they want to address the crowd. I don’t remember what I was thinking, but at the time I just wanted to prevent another cville, and I didn’t think it was my choice to deny it, and I gave it to them and we all supported them in order to deescalate. They went waaaaay overboard with the chanting but we thought it was a small price to pay. We were not thinking about BLM at all but the 2A folk that we didn’t want to alienate and agitate. In retrospect I should have been smarter but maybe because of the heat and confusion, I didn’t have my wits about me. I shouldn’t have given them the mic, instead just given it to the 2A folk. Same thing would have happened, but It wouldn’t have looked like I was sanctioning it.

At that point everyone was happy. We avoided a clash. No cops. No Jail. No legal fees. No bad press even. Just a successful launch and a little exciting drama. We thought we’d had a successful event. We all signed the declaration. I’m pretty heat intolerant because of my health, and I was getting nauseous and started passing out so we went to a restaurant and recovered. We filled the place with our people had a blast, went home, slept an hour, got up and did a few interviews.

That night we all went to the campground together. Had a party until late in the night – I talked until I lost my voice.

Next morning we had a roundtable video and meeting. We were all happy. And when negative stuff started coming in I thought it was trolls being stupid and silly folk people taking them seriously. We went to breakfast and headed home late morning. I didn’t realize that a victory on the ground for us, was not interpreted as victory online. I had no idea that the troll army would turn on us for optics. I dont think we took it seriously until maybe six or eight hours later. By then the Christians, the nazbois, the catbois, and every other group that was angry we were getting attention was piling on during the usual ‘conservative crab bucket’ where ‘no one can get ahead’.

So we just did our usual thing which is ‘man in the arena’ and take it. It blew over in a few days. That’s it. only problem is john got really angry and gave up on the dissident right. “For evey 1 good person on the dissident right there are 1000 trolls who ruin it for all of us – so F–k them”.

So I’m missing a front man. And I need a front men, or set of frontmen, to reach normal people.

Otherwise, I just have an intellectual, not a political movement. And we just are meeting and organizing the rest of our stuff as usual. So that’s all there is. Really.


—“… the right will never …”—

Well, our experience is y’all have no plan, no strategy, keyboard confidence, great bravado, don’t show, can’t keep your mouths shut if you do, get your a–ses kicked if you do, think you know better about everything, and fall for every trap the left sets for you.

If I asked you to show up ready to roll, would you? Of course not. Even though It takes 10k guys to start the ball rolling. You get those guys to show we win. If we can’t we lose. There is only one strategy where we control the situation, and that’s it. 10k to recruit 100k, to produce however many we need.

What’s going t happen? Trump will lose the left will animate, they will have a government to defend, them and they’ll eat you all a few at a time because they’ll use the arms of the state to incrementally criminalize everything you do until you can’t do anything. Red flag is just the beginning.

What do you guys do? Complain that someone who has a plan, isn’t as stupid as you are, and doesn’t take the bait, and builds political momentum needed for the numbers is ‘shit’ because of optics that matter to you but no one else.

I mean – you get the leadership you deserve, and frankly, you’ve got the leadership you deserve: no one, nothing, and certain incremental defeat.

So, we need to stay away from you and target only men of means that have jobs, that have assets, that have demonstrated agency because they have jobs and assets, because otherwise, you’ll destroy every possible chance anyone has for saving our people.


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