Kids Want Lollies

Kids want lollies.  😉

I am not trying to Punch the Propertarian Movement but here are my Requests. This is to regain some level of trust and credibility. This isn’t unreasonable. I will place them scrutiny. If they were to gain any mainstream success this would be amplified.

1) Accept some Level of Responsibility for what happened. This will earn you a level of respect.

2) Give us an Explanation for the High Production Value of John Mark and Algorithms. Give us a good explanation and be honest. At least show us behind the Scenes or which Parking Garage John Mark was in or how you made it.

3) Explanation on Why Curt Doolittle was in Ukraine around 2014 during Obama’s Deep State Operation with the EU to hijack some social uprising to install an EU Puppet and Ukrainain puppet Petro Poroshenko?

4) Show us a copy of the Signed Declaration on July 4th or some sense of security it’s not being stored as evidence.

5) I want to some level of Transparency on Curt Doolittle in regards to Travel Documents, Income Statements, Property, or Explanation on Why he Goes from to London and Ukraine from Employee. I want some level of Transparency or Info regarding who is Eric Danelaw as well as his background.

6) I want a Response Video to Jason Kohne of No White Guilt, Keith Woods, and Aarvoll’s video on Doolittle. Also, some Set up Meeting With Nick Fuentes or Addressing the Points of Nick Fuentes. I would like to See Talks or some Dialogue/Conversation set up with these People and Propertarianism to talk it out.

(SIDE NOTE: I am highly Critical of Keith Woods in regards to his Bias to Support China. People Need to Understand China is no Friend of Western Civilization and will benefit from the Great Replacement Genocide. China has a bigger role in Hollywood, Academia, and closer with Liberal Organizations in North America than we realize. Canada is a big Example As well as the Pacific Regions of America. Evils of China include Coivid 19 and their Currency Manipulation and not to mention the destruction of Western Industrial Capacities and Takeover of Africa. China is not a Friend to Humanity. Underestimating their Actions ins Australia and elsewhere is naive. The WHO and it’s Connection with China should be reason enough to distrust the Chinese. )

7) Transparency Regard & John Mark.
I want to know where exactly where the Info from goes to. How did one set up the site and whole helped make it? I want to know the Info from Propertarianism isn’t part of some Data Gathering Operation. I want to know some info about John Mark. If he won’t come and say who he then have him tell me Where he is from, how he got to where he got to, explain why he isn’t being Raided by the Agents, have some 3rd party have some insight into who he is and have a Post Leave Response Statement. We all know how he looks like. 4chan and the internet could do the rest of it really came down to it. But I prefer they be some level of Transparency.

8) Explanation on how you plan to sell your Ideas to the Mainstream. Be Reasonable.

9) Stop attacking and blocking people who call you out or criticize actually engage with them. Start Dialogues with a Q & A where we can ask tough questions and put people under scrutiny.

10) If this Movement is Legitimate Consider Giving some level of Leadership or Public Face to someone who is better with Managing PR. Someone Like Golden One who is eye Candy and explain things in 5th Grade Level not confuse people.


Tim Kay Easy answers, silly paranoid questions.

1) Already did, if you follow his posts at all.

2) You’re effectively saying authentic people could only ever have shit production values. This loser mentality infests everything from activism to music. Get editing software. Practice. There, you can do it. As for the algorithms, they did start to drop off after a while. John was just effective at what he did, try it some time.

3) He was there to convalesce and to do business. If you think otherwise, evidence might be handy.

4) What evidence do you think is on there except a bunch of names, ones that needn’t even be real ones?

5) Post your bank details, address, place of work etc. and I’ll have him get back to you. As for Eric Danelaw, it’s an alt account you donut. Obviously.

6) There’s a history of these individuals being bad actors relative to P. Curt won’t give them the secular religious soothing nonsense they require and so they lash out. They have no criticisms, only ill-informed maliciousness and stupidity.

7) ‘I want to know the Info from Propertarianism isn’t part of some Data Gathering Operation.’
You do know you’re on Facebook, right?

‘If he won’t come and say who he then have him tell me Where he is from, how he got to where he got to, explain why he isn’t being Raided by the Agents, have some 3rd party have some insight into who he is and have a Post Leave Response Statement.’

He’s an American who made an effort. He isn’t being raided because he’s not a retard who crossed the line. Beyond that you’re owed nothing.

8) Too lazy to go and read the countless posts already out there on this? What do you want, someone to make an audiobook version for you?

9) Curt actually rarely blocks people. As for attacking them, perhaps you should consider how they address him first. Dialogue is underway but it’s a two-way street.

10) Search for a new frontman is underway. However it has to be someone who has a decent understanding of P and the plan. Those who need it explained at a 5th grade level are kind of useless. How about 8th grade at least lol.



Daniel T. Johnson (Not an official P response, but my own thoughts)

1) what happened that needs responsibility taken for?

2-5,7) i can’t help you. I don’t have that info

6) I haven’t looked at all the criticism, but haven’t yet seen any that merits a response. Mostly, I’ve seen gossip. Gossip doesn’t need a response.

8) That’s in the works. The general strategy, so far, is to sell policy (end the fed, collapse the power distance, no more lies in media, politics, academia….) Combine reasonable policy with a credible threat of violent revolution. Combined with intellectual vanguard to sell the elites, combined with via negativa platform (no globalism, no lies, no theft, etc), leaving open freedom for via positiva (do whatever you want to suit your preferences, as long as it doesn’t violate these requirements). Claim the moral high ground by offering compromise, while preparing for a response if compromise is rejected.

9) Intellectually honest criticism can be a starting point for dialogue, but critique/ridicule/gossip is just verbal attack and doesn’t merit anything other than blocking/counterattack.

10) It’s all being rushed, due to the acceleration happening right now. We act from where we are with what we have.



Curt Doolittle What Tim said. exactly. Seriously.


1) APOLOGIES: Almost every ‘criticism’ is name calling. You’re doing the same as the left claiming they’re peaceful protestors, except you’re claiming you-re critics rather than name callers. Like I said, you’re just like the left.

I can’t find a legitimate piece of criticism by more than two or three people: I shouldn’t have handed over the mike. I should have done it indoors, in my usual formal wear, in the air conditioning, with a smaller crowd, or done it in a cooler climate given my intolerance for heat. But then – no one would have noticed it.

Otherwise, I made the right call all along. Including talking to Vice ahead of time. Including talking to BLM. Including talking to the NYT and including talking to local media. And if you think otherwise you’re just naive and I can’t afford to be associated with you.

Brandon and I worked the strategy out in advance and even started working with the left to see if we could get some of them on board with the message of ‘the state and the financial sector are the problem’.

We didn’t have enough time to set it up but it will work fine. We want the enemy to be the state and the financial sector so that we defeat the enemy not just the opposition. If you think ‘symblolic cucking’ is anything other than disempowering the enemy from using the state against us you’re just too dangerous to a political movement to tolerate.

2) NOTHING NEW HERE: had the libertarian community come after me when I gutted it just like you do. There is nothing new here. I just haven’t decided to do the same thing to the dissident right yet – although you’re giving me the incentive to. And if you think kiddies spamming me is anything compared to the job I would do on the right you’re not thinking clearly. The reason I don’t is I have friends in the dissident leadership I want to support.

3) WOULD IT MATTER?: If I satisfied these demands would it make any difference? (no) You know what would happen? Another round of pile on’s. And yes, I’ right. As for answering the questions, I have, over and over again. It doesn’t matter. You just come up with more nonsense. the psychology of what you’re doing is very simple. You’re grasping at straws that you can reach. It’s just a bad use of my time. You want to have attention and excitement so you grab at something that makes you feel like you have agency. you don’t.

4) IT’S NOT ABOUT ME: Do any of the people wanting me to answer these questions understand the speech, introduction, declaration, and preamble? if they did I might be interested in answering them. But they don’t. they want the movement to be about me -something they can understand – not about the work or the solutions that they can’t understand. They want to follow some big dog’s lead that does understand. You can’t follow me because you can’t understand me. You can’t show up so you don’t matter. The only reason you matter is that you can’t shut up either so that the message can get out.

4) TRUST: I don’t want your trust because then the movement is about ME not the WORK. If you need trust in me rather than the work this can’t work. I don’t matter. I’m a nerd in a tower. The work matters. If you’re following me as a leader instead of a thought leader – nope. If you want a heroic leader I’m not that person. I just do what has to be done, if no one else will. So far it looks like my mistake was stepping up because no one else would. Because you can’t have a leader. You aren’ worthy of one that can lead you. Because frankly you’re not disciplined enough for anything other than a Hitler.

5) POSSIBILITIES: P is an intellectual upper-class solution to a working and middle-class problem. It is almost impossible to make that work but we tried. We tried on the premise of policies, and good marketing. But again, you dont care – you just follow because we get attention and say we’re going to use the threat of civil as a negotiating strategy to capture the narrative. thats as much as you can comprehend.

6) MY INTERESTS: I never wanted to address the mass market – that was john’s strategy and I went with it. It was a good experiment but it failed. The team wants to take over the propertarian mass-market online and I’ve agreed to let them. As far as I can tell, the online boys are the enemy of our people. Men don’t participate in this stuff. It’s all just kids. kids that virtue signal and sh-t on men who do things. We got adults out of the videos. we got kids out of online. We are better off not even talking to you. Because you poison us by association.

So in other words, the only reason I don’t make use of your childish nonsense is because the team want’s to keep working with you. If this were a few years ago, and we didn’t have so many people invested, I’d be working to destroy the vast-moron-segment of the dissident right.

Because you disgust me. Really. So stop trying to get attention from me. Because I lost my respect for you too.

Curt Doolittle -> @jake talyor: I am not one of you. I’m for my people – all of them, ad all mankind too. And most of them hate you. You are the people who prevent victory by dragging every group down to the bottom with you. And I won’t coddle you so that you can drag us down into the shitty little crab bucket with you. You’re revolting.

Curt Doolittle -> Jake Taylor:  You don’t ask for answers you ridicule and shame because I won’t satisfy (cuck to) your demands. Really. That’s all you do. Yo’re the uglies of the high school prom and no politicals want to date you. John and I were therapists with remedial education in hygene, manners, and dressing yourselves and you couldn’t even do that. Political trailer trash.

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