The Elegance of Christianity’s Satisfaction of Self Worth by Suggestion

Xianity is universalist, not nationalist. It’s a globalist program. Loyalty to faith before people, before nation, is just a demand that real men do the historical work of the martial aristocracy and defense while xians stay home and maintain house. “Xianity was given to man to tolerate god’s laws, and the aristocracy’s imposition of them until those who were to week and meek, could be evolved into aristocracy and follow gods laws as well. Xianity is therapy for agrarian peasants that has become an addiction, and failed to modernize now that almost none of us are self-sustaining farmers, in the hard work of farming.”

Christianity is what anyone who claims he’s Christian says it is.

The beauty of Christianity is that it functions by saying nothing specific and accomplishing its goals with false promise of the unwarrantable, and by suggestion that one understands when one only empathizes.

So every Christian thinks something different, ever faction thinks of Christianity differently, and none of them can falsify one another because there is nothing testable in it. You can make an excuse for anything.

Mostly what you make an excuse for is ‘not doing anything’.

This is useful because all of us have different emotional needs to satisfy our sense of our status in relation to others. This is why Christian devotion increases as ability decrease.

The best you can say is that one is relieved of status pressure, because one is relieved of real-world achievement, because one is relieved of the struggle of education, and as such one is relieved of the effort of adaptation. This is accomplished by the promise of ‘salvation’ (meaning forgiveness of your guilt), if you live by the word of Jesus Christ (exhaustive forgiveness for their failures). How many ChristiansChrist have there been? One. Everyone else just does the best he can. This is why xians are the underclass and everyone walks on them world wide. But, it allows the aristocracy to build a high trust society with good Christian laborers.

Only if the Christian laborers show up to fight the enemy on occasion, and do their ruthless pagan best.

What offends you is that I’m so precisely correct you can’t stand it.

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