The Most Developed Country?

The Most Developed Country?

—“Q: Which is the most developed country of the world?”—


(States of the Holy Roman Empire, plus the Nordics.)

“Developed” requires measurement of the demographic, informational, normative, traditional, institutional, economic, technological question OFFSET by population decline, dysgenia (decline in human capital), immigration of declines in human capital.

A small homogenous population, with a long history of market and agrarian eugenics, in a reasonably large territory, with few local competitors, needing limited military expenditure, and because of a history of market and agrarian eugenics and therefore possessed of superior demographics, can produce sufficient surplus, to continuously improve human capital (cultural indoctrination, education, training, successful production, research, development), and to produce sufficient commons to maintain those people, and maintain economic competition.

Norway has oil. Switzerland has banking. Even so, Greater Germania is most developed: Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland. Why? Emphasis on Quality (Excellence) at all levels of the society; Highest Trust(and justified) in the World; Cultural predisposition to Duty; Cultural predisposition to hierarchy.

Germania is Followed by the anglosphere (UK, CA, NZ, USA, with USA’s higher credit capacity, lower taxes, and higher consumption masking its lack of development. Empires always destroy the home population, and the Anglosphere (British Empire) is paying the cost of empires seeking profits at the expense of the natural population that birthed them.

If not for a tiny number of companies Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft)) is rapidly becoming a 3rd world country because it is only now 1/2 European, and 40% black or Hispanic or ‘other’ third world peoples. USA will be a second if not third world country by 2050, even if it preserves a viable military – and Mexico and mexican-Hispanic peoples will be the dominant majority -effectively reconquering the south and southwest.

Why? Women voters. The pill. No-fault divorce, Financialization to defeat the soviets, Jewish sponsorship of immigration, the academic undermining of European civilization to advance their one-world socialism, the export of research, technology and industry to China, import of Hispanic assembly and manual labor and export of assembly labor to Mexico.

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