Transcending Abrahamic Method of Deceit


Abrahamism like Aristotelianism and Confucianism consists of a means of persuasion: a ‘grammar’. Aristotelian Truth, Confucian Wisdom, and Abrahamic Deceit. Aristotle and Confucius make no false promises, bait man with no lies, speak of the beauty of life. The Abrahamic death cults hate life, hate civilization, and promise falsehoods to bait the ignorance into supernatural submission, rather than the hard work of developing agency.

There is a reason the European Jews did nothing except produce volumes of mysticism, develop organized financial crime; the Christians did nothing but spread superstition, ignorance, and reverse Greco roman literacy learning and commerce; and the Muslims reduced to ignorance, dysgenic, and ashes every great civilization of the ancient world. Abrahamic religions are just an addictive drug for those unwilling and lacking leadership that trains them as the Romans and Greeks did, through incentives for status, into developing agency: knowledge of, adaptation to, and application of, the physical, natural, evolutionary laws, by thought, display, word, and deed, of realism, naturalism, and operationalism.

My work merely exposes the Abrahamic method of deceit that utilizes the female strategy of seduction and addiction, using false unwarrantable promises of freedom from physical natural and evolutionary laws, and extends existing law on fraud to criminalize the Abrahamic method of fraud and political warfare, in all speech in public to the public in matters public. That’s the premise of the work. The prohibition on false promises baiting into hazard. And the reformation of our informational, educational, economic, and political commons to purge those false promises.

Grow up. Man up. Face the Truth. Learn from the east Chinese and our pre-Christian ancestors – the only peoples to escape the great lies. There are no gods but those we imagine. And those we imagine are literary archetypes, that provide a system of intuitionistic measurement for our group’s strategy. And the Abrahamic gods are, at best, when undressed, the most evil demons man can conceive. And we know this by the evidence, no matter what lies and excuses their addicted slaves concoct.

Aristotle is our lawgiver: the laws of nature. Tyr/Tiwaz is our god (universal military militia). Heroes of History are our Demigods. Stoicism/Epicureanism are our religion of mindfulness. Only Nature and Ancestors and Nature are due our debts (worship). And all universalist gods are the enemy of our people. Jesus was – at best – a philosopher the eastern empire dressed up in garb to make the conquered peoples submissive so that they could be taxed and ruled. At worst he was another Abrahamic deceiver who taught the dysgenic bottom, like Gandhi, how do undermine the aristocracy that sought to drag mankind out of ignorance, superstition, and poverty.

Aristotelianism is the most advanced system of thought most correspondent with the laws of the universe, that empowers man to transcend the animal, and Abrahamism is the most advanced system of lying to deny them and destroy mankind ever invented.

The Byzantines the Romans and finally the Germans, and then Germanized Christianity, and the British in science, the french in socialism, the germans in philosophy – all Europeans – seek to escape it with Americans the only hold outs.

The only problem is they failed to replace it. Or rather they replaced it with the doctrine of human rights, without providing the stoic discipline, political discipline, social integration, or german culture to bring it about.

This is a problem we can solve.

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