The Economics of Whiteness

Explanation of the Economics of Whiteness

White or European Civilization’s Group Strategy

White (European) Civilization’s Strategy is 3500-5000 years old. But did not develop writing, as is true for all peoples, until the age of mediterranean trade. Like most civilizations european civlization emerged from the bronze age collapse (the first major dark age) ~1200BC (3200 years ago) by moving southward and conquering or rebuilding the pre-collapse territories, and with access to sea trade, and the knowledge transported by sea trade.

Victor Davis Hanson is partly correct when he states that the uniquness of western civilization consists in three properties:

  • Ratio Empirical Thought
  • Individualism
  • Democratic Institutions

Which is true. But it’s insufficient. Because it doesn’t tell you why, or what else is equally or more important.

So let’s walk thru what made european civlizaiton unique.

Founding Conditions

Eastern European hunter-gatherers mixed with a population from a pocket of Caucasus hunter-gatherers who weathered much of the last Ice Age in apparent isolation.

Yamnaya were Europoid, tall, and massively built. Their cephalic index varies depending on the region, with brachycephaly (Broad Skull) being prevalent in its southern and southeastern areas, and dolichocephaly (long skull) being prevalent in its northerneastern area

  • Pontic Caspian Steppe
  • Diet of Milk, Yoguhurt, Cheese, and Meat (40% more calories than agrarian life)
  • Mobile Homes – “Yurts on Wheels”
  • Horse, Bronze, Wheel – Expensive,
  • Long Distance, Maneuver Warfare – Capture women and livestock.
  • Entrepreneurial warfare – Voluntary, raiding (piracy, viking, raiding), still in ireland until very late.
  • Specializing in Metalworking.

Social adjustment to high mobility. The invention of the political infrastructure to manage larger herds from mobile homes based in the steppes.

Conquest of Europe

Three pockets of Western European hunter-gatherers weathered much of the last Ice Age in apparent isolation in the Iberian peninsula, Italy and Greece, then moved northward and re-populated Europe as the ice retreated. Anatolian Neolithic farmers colonized Europe once again, across the Mediterranean, up the into Iberia and France and into the isles creating the Monolith cultures, then across into central, and northern Europe, and Poland creating the Bell Beaker Cultures.

  • Eurasian Plain – To Wooded and River’ed Europe, Mostly northern, centered in Ukraine, Poland, Germany
  • Family and Clan Farms, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, etc.

The Order of Institutions

There are three methods of influencing, coercing, or exercising power over humans:

  • Physical and Martial: Force – Defense
  • Resource Economic: Remuneration – Deprivation
  • Words Social: Ostracization – Inclusion

From these three Institutions we evolve:

  • The State and Law of Command (Hard, Fast, Expensive)
  • The Judiciary and Law of Property (Medium, Medium, Medium)
  • Religion and Law of Conformity and Exclusion (Soft, Slow, Cheap)

The order in which peoples develop these institutions determines their future, with whatever is first strongest, second less so, and third may or may not evolve at all.

  • The Middle east developed religion and the state but not law – a monopoly of religion
  • The Jews developed religion and law but failed at the state
  • The Chinese developed the state – a monopoly of the state- never developing religion or law.
  • The Hindus developed a Mythology and Norms – A monopoly of Religion – if you want to call Hinduism a religion.
  • The Europeans developed law, then state, and religion lagged until xianity.

Because of our experiences with the imposition of Xianity, the persistence of Christian fundamentalism, the 1400 year war against Islam, and continuous difficulty with the Jews, we presume religion is more important than the evidence suggests. China developed the state, Sun Tzu for war, Conflucious for society and the Tao for the self. Europe developed law and market government, Aristotelian Empiricism, Ethics, and Politics, Plato’s Republic for rule, and Stoicism and Epicureanism for the self while religion was largely ritual and sacrifice officiated by the aristocracy as a demonstration of loyalty. Whether Hinduism is a religion or bridge between mythology and philosophy is a difficult question, and while it appears to us in the present that the Indian people eventually succumbed to excess mysticism, just as Buddhism, itself trying to reform Hinduism, later succumbed as well, the Arthashastra (AR-thuh-shah-strah) of Kautilya written in 300bc is a work of law equally empirical compared to any other at the time. More empirical than semitic, more pragmatic than Confucian, less theoretic than european. That we indoctrinate people into fundamentalism in the middle east and west is a habit a tradition, but by the evidence, not a good one. There is more to learn from India and China. There is nothing to learn from the middle east except decline.

Each civilization faced the great transformation into larger scale organizations with different demographics and different dominant exercise of power. In the middle east, with it’s densely populated rivers and irrigation, priests arose first, and the heterogeneous multitude of tribes and large numbers of competitors were later conquered and territory consolidated by kings who sought power for themselves by the priesthood. In India the vast difference between the conquering IE-iranic peoples, the absence of competitors, large territory, the vast number of small farms, and the relatively homogenous dravidian and negrito underclasses favored wisdom literature, and the caste system. In China the relative isolation of the territory, the early and widespread use of rice farming, and irrigation, a military aristocracy dominated near-kin but were controlled by ritualization in exchange for status. In Europe the IE-Europeans killed off most of the farmers, kept and bred with their women, preserving homogeneity until they moved south into the Mediterranean. They retained their militarism even under agrarianism.

So the means of production and its density, the homogeneity or heterogeneity of the population producing it, the first institution to develop, and the means of scaling that institution produced very different civilizations.

But interestingly, the only tradition that produces a market for elites rather than a monpoly of elites is the western tradition of law

Western TriFunctionalism – Creating a Market for Elites

The Hindus created a religion of cast monopoly to protect themselves from dysgenia – although that is not the word they use for it. And in doing so they achieved upward redistribution of reproduction as the jews did in Europe – but at a much larger scale. They could not, however, limit the underclasses. The Chinese created state and bureaucratic monopoly, used it as a competition the way the Semites used scripture, and limited the underclasses by capital punishment, credit constraint, and the natural difficulty of rice farming in close quarters. The Europeans maintained the martial aristocracy, sent their lesser sons to the church nobility, and eventually evolved a commercial elite or bourgeoise, and they suppressed the bottom and pushed down the middle through manorialism – at least above the Hajnal Line (HIGH-nahl), but the upper class was never more than a few hundred thousand people, most of whom were related to the Carolingians in one way or another. The Semites, unfortunately, developed religion first, never developed the state and professional bureaucracy, and structured their entire civilization using religion to resist the aristocracies and their attempts to suppress underclass reproduction, employ reason and science, or even law.

The uniquenss of the western model was that by deveoping the institution of universal militia, and common law of tort first, was that they created markets in everything as well as markets for elites in aristocracy, law, and religion. We still see this today in theology, philosophy, law, and the sciences – which reflects the natural class structure. The chinese were close to europeans with Sun Tzu and the military, Confucius for the Bureaucracy, and Lao Tzu for the common people. The semites again practiced monopoly authoritarian supernaturalism, and conflated wisdm and law, truth and revelation, primacy of man and primacy of submission to a god.

This competition between elites prevented the stagnation that occurs when any given set of elites obtains a monopoly. Why? Because when you do that you have to lie. Really. When you train children, women, and the common folk through religion, conduct trade by the same empiricism in contracts, take measurements and produce construction by math and science, rule and adjudicate law by those same criteria, and practice innovative and adaptive warfare where men may take initiative, you prevent the formation of monopolies.

The Incentives to Produce Commons

European is an expensive strategy

What can I NOT Do to impose costs onothers

What can I do to contribut to commons?

Commons create good for everyone but are unconsumable.

The Glorious Accident

Everyone else failed


  • Fully Militarized Society – An Army
  • For an army to succeed everyone must do his duty – first before self.
  • Cowardice: Self before duty to the commons is the only death penalty.
  • Aristocracy – Ruled by a Class of “Elected” Professional Warriors
  • Conquer and Domesticate plants, animals, people, and territory and profit from it.
  • Domesticate man from wild to slave to serf to freeman to citizen to sovereign – man can ascend by merit.
  • We are Few, So We Must Be Best (Germany still practices this)
  • “Aristocratic Egalitarianism” – We are Short of Numbers, So Seek Out The Best to Join.
  • Celebrate Life, Land, Existence, Prosperity, Wealth, Consumption, Sharing the Feast
  • Early Christianity provided women and underclasses means of ‘tolerating’ Domestication
  • Later Christianity provided the emerging middle class with civil heroics rather than martial – Chivalry was never practiced in the age of it.

The reason to achieve status from slave to serf to freeman to citizen to sovereign is to achieve self determination: sovereignty.

As such:
By Joel Landoe

“The apparent privileges allegedly enjoyed by only one ethnicity (per social cartels, media etc) – Europeans – are due to an inequality of institutions, traditions, norms, paradigms, knowledge, values, resources, and goals [technology] that when applied in combination can be used by any person regardless of age, race, gender, or status for maximum self-actualization and development of good society.”

By Curt Doolittle

Only Europeans, and specifically male, conservative, and libertarian Europeans, paid the high cost, and counterintuitive cost, of discovering, adapting to, and applying the physical(material), biological (evolutionary), social (cooperative), laws of the universe, in thought, word, and deed, across the spectrum: personally, socially, economically, politically, militarily, and strategically (expansion, colonization, conquest).

As such whiteness is a technology. It is a costly technology. It is paid for like all technologies. And the results are acquired at high cost no others are willing to pay.

Evidentiary, warranted, warrantable Truth, reciprocity in display word and deed, competition in the service of others for survival by market adversity, meritocratic outcome in markets for association, cooperation, reproduction, production, common, polities, and most of all eugenic constraint on reproduction by test of meritocratic outcome – all of which are performed regardless of cost – are costs only Europeans evolved to bear.

And even such it’s only possible in the lesser classes by training in Christian exhaustive payment of psychological costs as virtuous contribution to the commons, and worthy of status even without intellectual, economic, political, and military success.

As such only European lower classes were slowly reduced in number, and reduced in cost, providing the counterintuitive excellence of western civilization: our Christian underclass, laboring classes, working classes, and lower-middle classes do the world’s least harm, while middle and upper classes do the world’s most good.

The counter-intuitive explanation for the three great ages of European success vs all other competing civilizations is that Europeans deviate the least from the laws of the universe and pay high costs for doing so but achieve the extraordinary returns for those investments.

So Europeans are not privileged. We merely pay the extraordinary costs that others do not.

Ergo others who come and don’t are thieves.

The Minority Problem Manifest

Whiteness (Europeanism) is a technology, yes, just as damns are technology. However, adoption & maintenance costs vary across human subspecies, & since the gains are incurred largely as a function of time, there is very little incentive for certain subspecies to adopt Europeanism – particularly subspecies known for hyperbolic discounting.

Europeanism as technology does have the advantage of framing failure as a product of choice—‘the technology is there why don’t you use it?’

However, I think europeanism is more appropriately framed as an extended phenotype, just as damns are the product of beaver’s genetic information. It shifts the moral conversation from specifying & allocating blame for the failure to one of unapologetic commitment to ourselves & our mission:

“We have no other choice than to be excellent. You are either coming along, contributing & carrying your own weight, or we will forcibly separate to remove the civilizational, institutional, economic, demographic drag.”

(Empirical Meritocracy > Adversarialism )

  • Be Number 1
  • Win at all costs
  • Winner/loser Dichotomy
  • Action Orientation
  • Master and control nature
  • Must always “do something” about a situation
  • Awareness and Extroversion
  • Decision-Making
  • Majority tules (when Whites have power)

Rugged Individualism (“Do Your Duty”)
(Military Duty > Empirical Meritocracy > Individual Excellence)

  • The individual is the primary unit
  • Self-Reliance, Carry Your Own Weight (Don’t make others carry your weight)
  • Independence & autonomy highly valued and rewarded
  • Individuals assumed to be in control of the environment. ’You get what you deserve’

Metaphysics (“Action”)

  • The Primacy of Man
  • The Self Determination of Man
  • Realism and Naturalism
  • Action (act quickly)
  • Techne (technology)

Emphasis on Scientific Method
(Military Epistemology >Materialism > Military ‘Reporting’ > “Testimony”)

  • Objective, rational “new thinking
  • Cause and effect relationships
  • Quantitative emphasis

(Self Determination > Sovereignty > Empirical Property > Adversarial Justice)

  • Based on English common law
  • Protect ptoperty 8. entitlements
  • Intent counts

(Military Liability > Contract > Reporting > Testimony)

  • ”The King’s English” rules
  • Written tradition
  • Avoid con?ict, intimacy
  • Don’t show emotion
  • Don’t discuss personal life
  • Be polite

Protestant Work Ethic
(Army > Duty > Commons Before Self.)

  • Had work is the key to success
  • Work before play
  • “If you didn’t meet your goals, you didn’t work hatd enough”

Family Structure

  • Tbe nuclear family, father, mother, 2.3 children is the ideal social unit
  • Husband is breadwinner and head of househoid
  • Wife is homemaker and subordinate to the husband
  • Children should have own rooms, be independent

Status Power Authority
(Empirical Meritocracy > Empirical Respect > Empirical Authority)

  • Wealth – worth – –
  • Your iob is who you are
  • Respect authority
  • Heavy value on ownetship of goods, space

(Duty First > commons before self > military and commercial efficiency,)

  • Follow rigid time schedules
  • Time viewed as a commodity

Future Orientation
(Duty First > Do no harm by moral hazard > Responsibiity for future)

  • Plan for future
  • Delayed grati?cation
  • Progress is always best
  • Tomorrow will be better

(And Mythology)

  • Based on Northern European Immtgtants’ experience an the United States
  • Heavy Focus on the British Empire
  • Me primacy of Western (Greek. Roman) and JudeoCh?stian tradition


  • Based on European culture
  • Steak and potatoes; ‘bland ts best”
  • Woman’s beauty based on blonde, thin – ”Barbe“
  • Man’s attractiveness based on economic status. power, Intellect


  • Christianity is the Norm
  • Anything other than Judeo – Christian tradition is foreign
  • No tolerance for deviation ftom single god concept


  • Based on Christan traditions
  • Based on white history and male leaders

The Secret of Western Civilization


The West – Adaptive Velocity

The secret to western civilization, being a small, relatively poor population on the edge of the bronze age, is that by the choice of voluntary militia, military tactics of maneuver requiring contractualism, and heroic sovereignty (ownership of gains), we necessitated natural law, and markets in everything. And as a consequence the west was not first, but in every era we were fastest. In other words, truth, promise(contract), natural law, and jury allow us to adapt faster than every other known method of human cooperation.

European Strategy is:

  • Competitive Excellence (Success) by,
  • … the Continuous Production of Agency;
  • … through continuous invention, continuous adaptation, and continuous domestication, regardless of costs to the status, competence, dominance hierarchy – whether the self, family, or leadership;

… by the combination of:

  • Heroism, and;
  • Truth Regardless of Consequences to the Status, Competence, and Dominance Hierarchy – whether the self, family or leadership and;
  • Duty Regardless of Consequences to the self and family;
  • Sovereignty and Reciprocity including reciprocal insurance of sovereignty and reciprocity regardless of costs to the self and family;

… leaving the only possible rules of cooperation as:

  • The Rule of Law, The Law of Tort (property), the Independent Judiciary, and;
  • Markets (meritocracy) in every aspect of life: association, cooperation, reproduction, production, commons, elites, grammars, group strategy, polities, group and war;

… resulting in:

  • Seeking and Finding of Pareto Optimums, in all markets;
  • The suppression of reproduction at the bottom and the upward redistribution of reproduction, defeating regression to the mean;
  • And the rapid transformation of men into the gods they imagined in the Neolithic, bronze, iron, and steel ages.


“White” refers to:
(a) descendants of the Indo European conquest of Europe,
(b) who speak the indo-european language family,
(c) who practice the indo european metaphysical and legal traditions, and
(d) during the dark ages, converted from indo european derived religion to its antithesis: the Semitic derived Christian religion.
The outlier property is the metaphysical and legal tradition that is what causes european civilizational uniqueness and is the reason for european excellence in the bronze, ancient, and modern worlds – with a thousand years of a superstitious dark age in between. It’s this uniqueness that demarcates ‘whites’ from other peoples more so than any other, and unfortunately, it is the least understood (until now, which is the focus of my work).

“Whiteness” as used pejoratively is a group strategy. It is a group strategy of northern Europeans (protestants). That group strategy is extremely costly. While we may be aware of the high cost of truth before face, the high cost of market meritocracy, and the high cost of high trust norms, it’s unspoken cost is that it is aggressively eugenic. This aggressive eugenics is as much or more important than any other cultural trait. Only the Chinese and the Europeans were able to institutionalize eugenic reproduction via manorialism, which accounts for the elevated intelligence of East Asians and Western Europeans: the underclasses were dramatically reduced through natural cold weather farming, reproductive suppression, and criminal prosecution.
The world other than Korea japan and china who are equally the products of eugenic evolution (human self domestication) despies western civlization becuase it is expensive, it is counter-intuitive, and it is antithetical to them – but most importantly – because they cannot compete because they cannot repeat the eugenic processes themselves. Islam is perhaps the ultimate anti-civilization in history and is not a primitive group strategy. It produces decivilization and dysgenia by justifying the avoidance of all adaptive costs. The same is true for the current war by the left against western civlization – they seek to eliminate the payment of eugenic costs.

1 – Most narrowly: Northern Europeans above the Hajnal Line (North Sea Civ), who were not under catholicism long enough to lose their ancestral legal and traditional habits – especially those who escaped the long term corruption of the church. The north sea group began separating from the rest of the world rapidly and the great divergence of the greeks was repeated in the north sea beginning in 1000 ad (not 1400).
2 – Commonly: Christian European whether Germanic Scandinavian, Baltic, Slavic, or Finnic. (Continental Civ). This includes the three groups of Christianized european people: orthodox(greek), catholic(Latin), and protestant (Germanic)
3 – Less Commonly: Many be extended to include the descendants of early Neolithic farmers of the Balkans, Greece, Southern Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia because they are Christian and in the european territorial and cultural sphere of influence. (European Peninsular Civ)
4 – Uncommonly: May be extended to include the Iranic people of the caucuses: Georgians, Armenians. (European Extant Civ thru the Urals )
5 – Rarely: May be extended to include the south-central West Eurasians – the Iranic peoples – but generally not.
6 – More rarely: May be extended to the Turkic peoples – but almost certainly not – because they don’t speak an IE language.
7 – Not including outbred peoples of the Indian subcontinent (who are a mixture of negrito hunter-gatherer, middle eastern hunter-gatherer (Dravidian), and Indo european steppe herders.
8 – Not including the Afro Asiatic Languages – Middle eastern Peoples.
9 – Never including African or East Asian Peoples, or Siberian Peoples (Amerindians).
10 – Never including admixture peoples (along the out-of-Africa route from Yemen, to India, to SE Asia, to Australia.

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