—-“Curt: Were The Hittites White?”—-

—-“CURT: Were The Hittites White?”—-

Despite a century of controversy, there exist only three major surviving races (subspecies), with the proposed fourth: the Pacific islands consisting of a mixture of all three races, and Austronesians a mix of African and Caucasian.
The term Caucasian was not a misnomer, but geneticists today refer to West Eurasians as a group separated into bands from Iberia (Spain) to Mongolia (the Turkic peoples).

“White” refers to:

(a) descendants of the Indo European conquest of Europe,
(b) who speak the indo-european language family,
(c) who practice the indo european metaphysical and legal traditions, and
(d) during the dark ages, converted from indo european derived religion to its antithesis: the Semitic derived Christian religion.

The outlier property is the metaphysical and legal tradition that is what causes european civilizational uniqueness and is the reason for european excellence in the bronze, ancient, and modern worlds – with a thousand years of a superstitious dark age in between. It’s this uniqueness that demarcates ‘whites’ from other peoples more so than any other, and unfortunately, it is the least understood (until now, which is the focus of my work).


“Whiteness” as used pejoratively is a group strategy. It is a group strategy of northern Europeans (protestants). That group strategy is extremely costly. While we may be aware of the high cost of truth before face, the high cost of market meritocracy, and the high cost of high trust norms, it’s unspoken cost is that it is aggressively eugenic. This aggressive eugenics is as much or more important than any other cultural trait. Only the Chinese and the Europeans were able to institutionalize eugenic reproduction via manorialism, which accounts for the elevated intelligence of East Asians and Western Europeans: the underclasses were dramatically reduced through natural cold weather farming, reproductive suppression, and criminal prosecution.

The world other than Korea japan and china who are equally the products of eugenic evolution (human self-domestication) despises western civilization because it is expensive, it is counter-intuitive, and it is antithetical to them – but most importantly – because they cannot compete because they cannot repeat the eugenic processes themselves. Islam is perhaps the ultimate anti-civilization in history and is not a primitive group strategy. It produces de-civilization and dysgenia by justifying the avoidance of all adaptive costs. The same is true for the current war by the left against western civilization – they seek to eliminate the payment of eugenic costs.


1 – Most narrowly: Germanic Northern Europeans above the Hajnal Line (North Sea Civ), who were not under catholicism long enough to lose their ancestral legal and traditional habits – especially those who escaped the long term corruption of the church. The north sea group began separating from the rest of the world rapidly and the great divergence of the greeks was repeated in the north sea beginning in 1000 ad (not 1400).

2 – Commonly: Christian European whether Germanic Scandinavian, Baltic, Slavic, or Finnic. (Continental Civ). This includes the three groups of Christianized european people: orthodox(greek), catholic(Latin), and protestant (Germanic)

3 – Less Commonly: Many be extended to include the descendants of early Neolithic farmers of the Balkans, Greece, Southern Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia because they are Christian and in the european territorial and cultural sphere of influence. (European Peninsular Civ)

4 – Uncommonly: May be extended to include the Iranic people of the caucuses: Georgians, Armenians. (European Extant Civ thru the Urals )

5 – Rarely: May be extended to include the south-central West Eurasians – the Iranic peoples – but generally not.

6 – More rarely: May be extended to the Turkic peoples – but almost certainly not – because they don’t speak an IE language.

7 – Not including outbred peoples of the Indian subcontinent (who are a mixture of negrito hunter-gatherer, middle eastern hunter-gatherer (Dravidian), and Indo european steppe herders.

8 – Not including the Afro Asiatic Languages – Middle eastern Peoples.

9 – Never including African or East Asian Peoples, or Siberian Peoples (Amerindians).

10 – Never including admixture peoples (along the out-of-Africa route from Yemen, to India, to SE Asia, to Australia.


The Hittites were West Eurasians. They Were Indo Europeans (“Aryans”). And we do not know whether they traveled from the steppe (Ukraine, Russia) via the clockwise route across the caucuses mountains, or the counter-clockwise route through the Balkans, or whether they originated on the Anatolian shores of the Black Sea. Consensus favors counter-clockwise.

This means that Hittites share common ancestors with today’s ‘Whites’, and are not of either East Asian (Mongoloid) or African (Negroid) races.

Attempts to de-racialize human groups are part of the anti-Darwinian pseudoscience movement of the Marxist-postmodern program of science denial, which in turn is a continuation of the ancient middle eastern program of spreading Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, to reverse the unpleasant fact that east Asian and western civilizations are eugenic.

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