—“Curt: Why is Donald Trump criticized so mercilessly? Is he really that bad?”—

—“CURT: Why is Donald Trump criticized so mercilessly? Is he really that bad?”—
Because he sees the academy, media, state, and deep state alliance (“The Cathedral Complex”) as a vast conspiracy of common interest, working against the interests of the middle, working, and laboring classes. Because he runs a vast hospitality business that employs middle, working and laboring classes. Because he correctly diagnosed (almost alone) the destruction of the American economy and American strategic influence (and the benefits to American consumers).
Because he understood that the constitution that protected those middle, working, and laboring classes had been systematically undermined. Although it appears, he views this conspiracy of common interest one of incompetence (which we saw with the failure of WHO and the CDC to be prepared, the export of all our strategic healthcare production, the export of even our military production – where conservatives view it as an intentional program by the left to destroy western civilization. Because of the obvious failure to reform the financial sector after 2008. Because of the obvious failure to reform the military given our failures in combat, and our relative decline in power, and the impossibility of bringing rule of law and democracy to tribal peoples below the threshold of economic viability.
Because he threatens the livelihood of all those generations in “The Cathedral” with loss of their ‘privilege’ (meaning rent-seeking, or ’parasitism’) upon the middle, working, and laboring, classes.
Because he understood that the state had not, as Wilson had hoped, developed into a professional bureaucracy in the german model, that would execute policy empirically and without corruption, but instead, traded American clientelism (politically run bureaucracies) for bureaucratic sovereignty and self-determination regardless of executive direction, including selective and arbitrary enforcement of the law.
Because he kept his promises to the extent he was able. He exposed the press as the enemy of the people and the country. The appointed judges that preserve rule of law. He forced Europe to carry their own weight. He demanded accountability from the global institutions we pay for. He didn’t start any wars, and despite military demands, he pulled us out of them. He radically restored employment. He started the repatriation of the industry. He reduced taxes that caused companies to flee overseas. He trie everything he could to stop immigration and the left resisted him at every opportunity. and he has survived a continuous onslaught from within the state and without.
Because he is evidence of the end of the Globalist (Marxist-Postmodernist-Feminist) program that sought to use the vulnerability of American democracy, American constitutional law, and American court process, and the high trust of ethnic protestant Europeans (the eugenic produce of the Hajnal line) in combination with the use of a weakness in our financialization to capture the education, entertainment, media, and advertising sectors, to use the media like they used Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the ancient world, to capture American economic, military, and political influence in the modern world.
This is why Soros, Davos, the leftwing tech sector (that is comprised of 2/3 immigrants), the leftwing media that is dominated by the Jewish lobby, and the world financial sector are terrified by the combination of the decline of American military and economic power, the Election of Trump to restore American Rule of Law, industrial Capacity, and the working and middle classes, the miracle of Brexit, the end of the European Union Project, the rather surprising Chinese demonstration that “Fascism Won The Political Debate”: ethnocentric, nationalist, self-interest, and total war was the future, and worldwide, we were ending the European era, and returning to the historical norm of Ethno Nationalism, Nation States, Small homogenous (high trust) States with low power distance, organized by core states of civilizations and continuing the conflict of civilizations (Subraces).
The left saw success on the horizon. The famous chart in the Southern Poverty Law Center tracking the replacement of Whites, and the tipping point where leftists could obtain power. Because the postwar program to move the center of the globalist movement from the failure in the soviet union to the united states, succeeded ONLY because of immigration, just as it temporarily succeeded in the soviet union only by mass murder, mass relocation, and just as it temporarily succeeded in china only by mass casualties, mass relocation.
The left, whether Jewish, Christian, and Muslim in the ancient world, or Marxist-Feminist, Postmodernist-HBD-Denialist, and Islamist in the modern world, depended on a ‘pitch’: false promise (fraud) of freedom from physical (scarcity), natural (reciprocity, markets), and evolutionary (genetic classes, regression to the mean, market eugenics), by the supernatural promise of equality in ignorance and poverty in the real world in exchange for luxury in an unwarrantable afterlife – or pseudoscientific promise of economic equality and freedom from sex, class, and race differences in the modern world, in exchange for undermining truth, reciprocity, rule of law, the markets of merit in all aspects of life, and the natural eugenics that result from those markets as a continuation of natural selection.
In other words, Europeans and european middle and upper classes alone, discovered, adapted to, and applied – despite the extraordinary cost to self – the physical natural and evolutionary laws of the universe, and dragged mankind kicking and screaming out of superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, child mortality, early death, and the vicissitudes of a nature hostile to human life, in a brief period of global, solar, galactic peace in just a few centuries in the early bronze age, a few centuries in the ancient world, and a few centuries in the modern world. With only the bronze age collapse and the Semitic dark ages of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam stopping their elevation of man from a victim of nature to the administrator of it.
But the masses are want of false promises of discounts on reality and will use avoidance of responsibility, petty self stimuli or sex, drugs and alcohol, cults, mysticism, religions, philosophy, ideology, to demand the universe provide for them like their parents did (or they wish they did) rather than struggle against the dark forces of time, ignorance, competitors, and the red queen of evolutionary pressures.
And membership in, and the benefits of, European civilization come at a cost that democratic mythology can’t bear: Europeans have been practicing eugenics for 5000 years. And most aggressively between 700 and 1880 under bipartite manorialism, monogamy, and aggressive prosecution of criminals, and aggressive suppression of immigrants and heretics.
As such, the ‘Conservative’ (meaning traditional Europeans practicing the high cost civilization) have ‘nothing to sell’ other than the evidence of the consequences of paying the high costs of western civilization. And ‘conservative’ (Europeans) can’t even touch the subject of eugenics – which is why the left suppressed all eugenic research and even mention of it postwar: because western civilization’s excellence is predicated on it: because reducing the size of your dependent classes, so that you can direct proceeds to quality over quantity, and thereby produce physical, normative, informational, and institutional commons instead. And to obtain the repeated returns on those investments generation after generation.
Where paying that high cost is entirely antithetical and counter-intuitive to human experience – and is not practiced elsewhere in the world for that reason: truth before face regardless of cost, individual property (meritocracy), normative property ( Protecting the commons as a shareholder regardless of cost) and collective commons(forgoing all opportunities that are not merit). When the rest of humanity does the opposite. European civilization produces the highest genetic, material, informational, cultural, institutional returns (choices), because it is the most expensive civilization to produce and to live in. For this reason: other than our only near neighbor the east Asians, who while escaping mysticism, and discovering ‘reasonable’ philosophy, themselves did not discover the truth before face, rule of law, reason (as in rationalism) or the sciences (as we understand them).
But while the traditional Europeans sought to wait out the left’s failure as we did the communists, the Jewish Postwar Immigrant Movement to force through the Hart Cellar immigration act, that reversed the institutionalized eugenic limitations on immigration, achieved what past failures, and bad ideas, could not: demographic replacement by those peoples who had NOT undergone five thousand years of eugenic evolution (self-domestication), or developed a normative tradition of paying the extraordinarily high costs of producing that civilization, and its returns.
So what is Donald Trump? He is evidence of what is happening around the world, with the Chinese suppression of Islam, the Hindu reversal and suppression of Islam, and the european civilizational suppression of secular Judaism (marxism, socialism, postmodernism, anti-western, anti-male feminism, human biodiversity science denial, economic pseudoscience, financial pseudoscience, and the industrialization of lying using the media, just like the industrialization of lying using roman roads, greek writing, and the openness and tolerance of the Roman empire.)
Trump is evidence of history returning to normal after the failure of the european civilization, and in particular the British empire, due to the conflicting attempts of the Europeans to contain Jewish marxism which was able to seize the Russian empire by its bolshevism (today’s BLM and Antifa, and full-time protest movements), and since migrating to new york (Columbia University) from Germany, has repeated the process they used in Europe, in the Russian empire, in the roman empire, of undermining a people from within by the false promise of freedom from physical natural and evolutionary laws.

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