Dead Horse Time Again. 😉

—“did u pee your pants or was that swamp ass or sweat ??”– Jason Chang.
First. Let me repeat the central argument: I showed up. I did something. And we showed up. We did something. And I, and we, did something in furtherance of a plan that will work. And those who are pointing fingers didn’t show, and did nothing. And moreover, the right has no one else. No one. Nothing. The best anyone else offers is how to dig in and resist – as if that’s going to work. It’s just a cover for cowardice, disagreeableness, and unwillingness to put the group before the self.
So to answer your question:
It’s just sweat. Apparently, if you’ve had thyroid cancer twice, a compromised immune system producing allergies to everything, take the meds I do for thyroid, allergies, and blood pressure, and can’t regulate your body temperature, you’re not supposed to stand in the 100-degree sun, drink five liters of water, and get all worked up with excitement. Doctor says it’s a miracle I only got heat exhaustion (which produces sweating, nausea, dizziness). And for the idiots in the room, heat exhaustion makes it almost impossible to piss. lol
—“Symptoms: Clammy skin, Dizziness, Headache, Muscle cramps, Extreme thirst, Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), Dehydration, Fainting, Nausea, Vomiting, Weakness, Decreased urine output”–
I didn’t think I was going to make it to the restaurant and had a very hard time walking there and staying conscious. After I did, I spent half an hour in the men’s room, while barely able to sit or stand. Then, after making my way back to the table, drinking a few glasses of ice water, and an hour or so in the air conditioning, I was semi-coherent again. I slept for a few hours at the hotel. And by the night time, while I had mostly lost my voice – we still had a great time.
But it’s an IQ test. If you think I was scared rather than wanting to avoid another c-ville, or intimidated rather than enjoying myself with the BLM guys, or that I wet my pants, then you’re unfit for western civilization and we need you out of the gene pool. So, like I said. It’s not about race alone. Part of ethnonationalism is protecting the gene pool. And if people think stupid things then they’re a threat to it.

“My understanding at present is that the ‘alt-right’ is preventing victory. And as such is a greater enemy – a greater clear and present danger – than the left).”

(Think about the data: About a third of ethnic Europeans will stay left and defect. About five to eight percent of ethnic Europeans on the right are too intellectually, socially, economically, and politically incompetent for political, economic, and social participation. Viable Europeans are, say, 60% of the population now. About 1/3 pretty leftist, leaving 40% of the population. About 10% useless right and center., leaving 30%. Of that half are male, leaving 15%. Of that between the natural moral cowardice of the xians and the secular xians (civnats) maybe 5% are willing to act: that’s less than one percent of the population against vast numbers of the enemy on racial lines alone – even before we consider the leftists, the entrenched state, and the now rather obvious obama-era coup in progress in the military.
It’s possible to win with those numbers but it’s only possible under a narrow set of conditions. And the ONLY THING standing between our failure and those conditions is the sh-t right: the anal leakage of the political spectrum that has adopted the tactics of the left: undermining any potential success via GSRRM.
My understanding at present is that the ‘alt-right’ is preventing victory and as such is a greater enemy – a greater clear and present danger – than the left).

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