Q: “How do you see the near future of Germany?”

How do you see the near future of Germany?

1 – Greater Germany (the old holy roman empire) is Europe and always has been. Napoleon’s primary objective, as were the postwar french, English, and jews, to de-Prussianize Germany, and ensure that she could not reform the holy roman empire as the core of european civilization.

2 – France (67m) is and always has been the enemy of Europe, and the enemy of Germany, the greater germanic sphere, including the English sphere. The French killed the protestant middle class, then killed the military aristocracy and institutionalized the authoritarianism of the catholic church more so than any other country in Europe. At present, France is economically nearly autarkic, has the only capable military in Europe, maintains her colonies in Africa, and the only people desirous of ruling Europe, and the only government capable of it, and the only intellectual class outside of Russia trying to accomplish it.

3 – German strategy since that period has been to ‘we are surrounded so we must be better’ – for many centuries. And germans are better. Politically, Culturally, and Economically. Unfortunately germans are ‘unnecessarily burdened’ with the ww2 history. However, the future will treat that period nearly the opposite of how we have treated it over the past eighty years. The reason is that China did not imitate the communists, but the German Fascists, and China is demonstrating (a) that ethnocentric, nationalist, fascism (state capitalism) won the debate over political models, and (b) that this is the historical model of all civilizations throughout history. ( c) that the entire world is returning to historical norms now that the british-American empire has come to a close, and european advantage in technology has been redistributed across the world. Leaving only european anglo-germanic european culture as a competitive advantage. Because we have the only underclasses, laboring, working, and lower middle classes that are not ‘harmful’ to the broader polity. This is in part because we have had small lower-class populations.

4 – The German (81m) economy will collapse, and devastatingly, because her economy is built upon exports, predominantly automobiles exports (20%+), and exports on issuance of debt, and she is running out of customers for her goods, who are running out of ability to pay the debt, because of demographic collapse in Europe.

Europeans destroyed self-reproduction in order to trade taxes produced by adding women to the workforce to produce redistribution to the elderly, and reproduction to the underclasses instead of continuing investment in offspring of the productive classes. Meaning that Europeans (and Americans, and Canadians) have had to import vast underclasses from alien cultures that are neither willing nor able to integrate into German culture, nor willing and able to continue german ‘we must be better’. In fact, if the USA alone merely put a trade barrier on german cars the economy would collapse in months. (Which is how Trump threatened Merkel so that she would start re-arming.)

5 – Greater Germania cannot rely on resources, cannot defend herself, cannot create a virtual or material colonial system as did the Europeans and as are the Chinese: ~140M: Germans (78 million), Austrians (7 million), Swiss (4.6 million), Belgians (0.1 million), Dutch (22 million), Flemish people (6 million), Frisians (0.5 million), Swedes (9.5 million), Danes (6 million), Norwegians (4.7 million), Icelanders (0.3 million), Faroese (0.07 million), Ålanders (0.03 million), Finland-Swedes (0.3 million).

6 – Poland is recovering and developing too slowly to lead, so the intermarium peoples cannot defend themselves: ~110m: Lithuania (3m), Latvia(2m), Estonia(2m), Finland(5.5m), Belarus(10m), Ukraine(44m), Hungary(10m), Romania(19.4m), Slovenia(2m) and Czech Republic(10.5)

7- Whether we would consider the Balkans (~32m- 55m depending on who we include) as ‘european’ is an ancient question. Geostratecially yes, culturally, and institutionally no, and her legacy with Islamists in the population – that the Serbs sought to correct – is worse than the legacy of having Islam rule them. Turkey is campaigning for the restoration of her territories in Europe, her maritime territories, and her place as a potential great power.

8 – Greater Russia (144m) has the strategic need to expand, the strategic will to expand, a military, population, and culture, desirous of expansion, and like the Chinese ambitious to over come her ‘insult’. She is threatened if she doesn’t expand. In addition, she effectively ‘owns’ Europe because of resources, and because of her military. So despite her tiny economy (1.6T – smaller than Italy and about that of spain), She can by a combination of military and economic and political activism achieve her goals – and to some degree, she must if she is to survive.

9 – America (328m) is all but autarkic, and like France can feed herself and create domestic consumption. Worldwide political, economic, and military Instability is in the near and long term American interest. It’s most likely that the anglosphere (remains of the British Empire) will form a naval-air-space civilization – as we must – just as Europeans will maintain a continental army civilization, and both will pursue natural interests.

However, America is as unlikely to exist as is Europe. At present Mexico is colonizing the southwest the same rate that Africans now control the south. The left is destroying American cities through immigration, non-integration, and debt one at a time. And Americans are very close to a civil war between immigrant coastal regions and traditional european core. (While I and others predicted this decades ago, and most of us were very close in timing, the severity of it was something we didn’t expect. )

10 – Historically if Islam can reach 10% of a population or Jews 3% of a population, either it will destroy it from within. America has the Jewish population, Britain already has the Muslim and Jewish population, and Germany is approaching the Islamic population.

11 – So between a France and Russia willing to rule, an Intermarium unable, and a greater Germania unwilling even if able, and restoration of Islamic conquest via the Bosphorus and Islam undermining the culture as did Christianity the Romans, the future of Europe is one of unique vulnerability not equaled since the fall of Rome – and likely to be as severe.

12 – So in the near term, while it is counter-intuitive, it’s extremely important that the ‘right’ re-emerges in Germany, or there will be no Germany, and the core of Europe will be eradicated by some combination of authoritarian french, authoritarian Russian, and supernatural authoritarian Islam.

The best-case scenario is a gradual restoration of integration and a gradual buildup of Germany to pre-war levels of strategic influence so that she and the intermarium and Italy can keep France and Russia and Turkey at bay. And guarantee negotiating positions with them. But this will only be possible by vastly increasing and restoring Germanic people’s military capability and traditions. The worst-case scenario is that America has a civil war, and everyone seizes the opportunity causing germanic Europe to e the primary loser of the world competition for sovereignty.

I am sure the truth will cause hand wringing but this is my job: to deprive you of illusions that will cause catastrophes.

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