The Abyss Is a Challenge or A Horror – We Must Choose

The universe will eventually compute everything that can be eventually computed by the universe. And the defeat of entropy serves the purpose of increasing computation. If the universe calculates nothing more than the defeat of entropy, then anything and everything that can be computed will be. Man is the result of a rare computation. Man’s reason accelerates the computation of the defeat of entropy. We are another step in advancing computation of that which can be computed by the accumulated defeat of entropy. This knowledge is humbling for men of weakness and a challenge to men of will. The last most humbling and terrifying knowledge we must face is the rapidity with which the great filter approaches, and that failing to transcend our existence will pass unnoticed by any that follow -if any follow at all.

—“In Germanic religion, we don’t ask the gods to fix things for us we ask them for the strength at times to do it ourselves. This world is ours we are the rulers of it. Through blood and toil, and by the will of the gods, and our own actions, we will return to nature’s law – or break it all to pieces.”—-Hans Addicks

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