The Barriers to Right Activism

—“Identify the barriers and lift them. The problem is obvious but why is it like this? We need data on what these barriers are for the right. Is it the fact that they have to much to lose? Comfort? Security? Or cowardness?”—Bjorn Hocke

The barriers to right activism are:

1 – Boyhood: No intention to do anything, just find shallow dominance expression from the safety and anonymity of being online (these are undesirables);
2 – Cowardice: (lots of Xian’s in this category);
3 – Right Psychology (a) lower agreeableness (b) tendency to over-rely on self-judgment, (c) tendency to demand self-determination, need for control, need for understanding, need for certainty, need for leaders they understand. This leads to atomization and the near panic of ‘just show up and we’ll figure it out. The left ‘just shows up and figures it out. Because they are not concerned with status or hierarchy.
3 – Relative Poverty such that they can’t show up because they’re already disenfranchised; living on marginal income so that they can’t afford the time off or away;
4 – Responsibilities so that they can’t afford being away without serious consequences;
5 – Consequence of doxxing by GSRRM that would hurt them their income or their families;
6 – Wives or girlfriends that would leave them if they did;
7 – and property that they have accumulated that they are unable or willing to expose to risk.

The left is not burdend by these constraints. Why? The right manages vast commons and the left consumes them. This is the difference in our ‘wiring’. Male capitalization (pack territory and resources), female consumption (herd and offspring consumption before others beat them to it.)

This is why only a mass movement will work and ‘resistance’ won’t. It’s because without certain reprisals for the left’s DOXX machine, the right afford to show up.
Hence my strategy. Hence why everyone else’s is a lost cause.

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