The Dissident Alt Right is Obstacle To Victory


Image may contain: text that says '"My understanding at present is that the 'alt- right' is preventing victory. And as such is a greater enemy- a greater clear and present danger -than the left)."'P-Law criminalizes behavior that every immigrant class (and our own) practice. P-constitutional amendments articulate our natural rights and our european strategy in purely scientific terms. Are you saying that you have a solution to this problem other than murdering people who don’t agree with you on whatever you’re complaining about? Are you saying that women have a choice in their biases? Are you saying that any given ethnic group as a choice in its biases, habits, traditions, culture, strategy? Are you saying you have a choice?

No. You don’t, they don’t. They’re born that way and they were indoctrinated by family, religion, culture, and tradition to behave as they do. And we have stopped the forcible indoctrination into religion, culture, tradition, and institution that has made it possible or others to tolerate the HIGH COST to the self for participation in western civilization.

Why can’t we do that? Because our law does not include that requirement for participation in it, and law is the operating system by which all governments of any scale must operate. There is no other name for the rules that regulate the operation of large scale human organizations.

So, your ‘bitching and whining’ doesn’t change anything. it just means you’re a problem. Actionable solutions bring about change. And you’re preventing them. Because you and those like ‘defecate’ on any conversation that could bring about a solution to the problem that you see as simple, even if the solution is complicated.

You and people like you are the clear and present danger. Because you give false promise, false hope, and no solution, to what is a relatively easily solvable political problem. You are the greater enemy of your people. Because no one will tolerate political action by anyone who behaves like you. You are the enemy of the people.

You are a cancer that poisons everything you touch.

Work on spreading solutions not spreading resistance to solutions.

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