The Economics of Whiteness Condensed Version

—“Whiteness is just a technology; you can use it or not.”— Curt Doolittle

by James Krieger

Whiteness (Europeanism) is a technology, yes, just as damns are technology. However, adoption & maintenance costs vary across human subspecies, & since the gains are incurred largely as a function of time, there is very little incentive for certain subspecies to adopt Europeanism – particularly subspecies known for hyperbolic discounting.

Europeanism as technology does have the advantage of framing failure as a product of choice—‘the technology is there why don’t you use it?’

However, I think europeanism is more appropriately framed as an extended phenotype, just as damns are the product of beaver’s genetic information. It shifts the moral conversation from specifying & allocating blame for the failure to one of unapologetic commitment to ourselves & our mission:

“We have no other choice than to be excellent. You are either coming along, contributing & carrying your own weight, or we will forcibly separate to remove the civilizational, institutional, economic, demographic drag.”

As such:
By Joel Landoe

“The apparent privileges allegedly enjoyed by only one ethnicity (per social cartels, media etc) – Europeans – are due to an inequality of institutions, traditions, norms, paradigms, knowledge, values, resources, and goals [technology] that when applied in combination can be used by any person regardless of age, race, gender, or status for maximum self-actualization and development of good society.”

By Curt Doolittle

Only Europeans, and specifically male, conservative, and libertarian Europeans, paid the high cost, and counterintuitive cost, of discovering, adapting to, and applying the physical(material), biological (evolutionary), social (cooperative), laws of the universe, in thought, word, and deed, across the spectrum: personally, socially, economically, politically, militarily, and strategically (expansion, colonization, conquest).

As such whiteness is a technology. It is a costly technology. It is paid for like all technologies. And the results are acquired at high cost no others are willing to pay.

Evidentiary, warranted, warrantable Truth, reciprocity in display word and deed, competition in the service of others for survival by market adversity, meritocratic outcome in markets for association, cooperation, reproduction, production, common, polities, and most of all eugenic constraint on reproduction by test of meritocratic outcome – all of which are performed regardless of cost – are costs only Europeans evolved to bear.

And even such it’s only possible in the lesser classes by training in Christian exhaustive payment of psychological costs as virtuous contribution to the commons, and worthy of status even without intellectual, economic, political, and military success.

As such only European lower classes were slowly reduced in number, and reduced in cost, providing the counterintuitive excellence of western civilization: our Christian underclass, laboring classes, working classes, and lower-middle classes do the world’s least harm, while middle and upper classes do the world’s most good.

The counter-intuitive explanation for the three great ages of European success vs all other competing civilizations is that Europeans deviate the least from the laws of the universe and pay high costs for doing so but achieve the extraordinary returns for those investments.

So Europeans are not privileged. We merely pay the extraordinary costs that others do not.

Ergo others who come and don’t are thieves.

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