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From June 24th

I need to finish what I’m working on, but YES, I can make an “Elevator Pitch” version of P, the “Napkin” version you’re asking for, the Normie version that’s already in the constitution, the Dummies Version, and the Full version.

1 – The ORIGINS Story is Europeans, while herding cattle on the steppe, were the only people in the world to develop Rule of Law as their first institution. Where that rule of law is natural law. Where that natural law requires self-determination for every individual, individual legal sovereignty to make it possible, and reciprocity in deed, word, and display to demonstrate it, and reciprocal insurance of that reciprocity, sovereignty, and self-determination in exchange. The consequence of rule of law as our first institution is that we institutionalized testimony not only in court, not only in religion, not only in commerce but in daily life. We are the only people to speak the truth regardless of cost, provide our self-determination regardless of cost – and it is the most expensive set of traditions and norms that man has ever developed. This is the source of western excellence because it is the fastest adapting, discovering, and evolving culture on earth. So even if Europeans were not first, they were fastest. This is the source of western civilization. And it is why all other peoples resist it. Because they either cannot or are unwilling to pay that high cost whether by the individual, the family, the clan, the polity, or the nation.

1 – “ELEVATOR version” Natural Law’s P-Law: “It’s Four Points: 1 – it’s the scientific explanation for the extraordinary success of western civilization in and legal and economic terms; 2 – an explanation of how the left took advantage of loopholes in our civilization; 3 – a method for writing law that can’t be abused by cunning and malicious people; 4 – and an update to the constitution to reflect that explanation and plug those loopholes, so that our sovereignty, liberty, and freedom can’t even be spoken against without our laws demanding our violence to immediately suppress and punish it.”

2 – The NAPKIN version: there is a technical part, a legal part, and what we do with those parts to restore western civilization. The technical part is that if people can understand you can write software programs to tell a computer what to do but that don’t follow the rules will crash, that we can write law that follows the rules of sovereignty and reciprocity (moral) and not expose themselves as false. In other words, we can make constrain the law to what is unquestionably moral. Think of it like writing math proofs for human behavior. The only difference is you write programs to tell computers what to do because they can’t choose otherwise, and we write law to tell people what not to do because they can choose. But P-law consists of (literally) converting the law from ‘philosophical’ to ‘computable’ language – so you can’t lie. … The primary use of this law is that it lets us punish commercial, academic, political speech when in public, to the public, in matters that are public, that includes the technique by which leftists lied to our people: false promises of escape from physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, to bait people into hazards, where they can be exploited. And it creates a very detailed checklist for use against them in court. And it allows us to use universal standing – meaning any one of us – can punish someone for immoral speech. … We update the constitution using this methodology and ‘plugged the holes’ by which our civilization was undermined. And we wrote a declaration of reformation with our ‘threat’ to demand and enact those amendments to correct the constitution.

3 – The NORMIE version exists in the Introduction to the Second Declaration. Really, if you understand that, it’s all anyone needs to understand. After that, read the Preamble, Article I – Rule of Law, Article III – Rights and obligations, and you’ve pretty much got what you need. Then read the rest of the constitution to understand what we’ve suggested.

4 – The DUMMIES version explains how the P-method works and all the different insights that derive from it. I’m not sure it’s a dummies version but it’s targeted to the college-level audience.

5 – The BOOK (“The Law)” explains all of this for legal theorists, logicians, philosophers, Political scientists, social scientists, etc. Who want to master it. The almost two thousand pages that explain all of it in agonizing detail, is just more of the same.

I will work on this a bit more. And have the guys edit it, and see if we can get a flyer out.

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