The Revolutionary Spirit Is a Revolt Against Nature by “Undermining”


E Michael Jones is perhaps the best Christian thinker working today. So he frames the Jewish revolt as against Christianity.

So change logos for laws of nature, and Christianity for indo-European discovery adaptation to, and application of laws of nature to accelerate our evolution, and that’s the difference in our positions.

Theological Christianity(Feminine, Submission) vs Scientific Aryanism (Masculine, Dominance).

The secret of European civilization, even above the Iranic and Indian, branches – both of which failed to transcend the superstitious, is the retention of the primacy of man (not god), the primacy of physical, natural, and evolutionary laws (not harmony, or peace, or dysgenics), and the primacy of the industrialization of agency at the cost of those who are unfit.

The difference between Christian and Aryan then is reducible to the Aryan treatment of the underclasses and aliens as another semi-domesticated animal to be used as necessary to transform man into gods – and the Christian treatment of the underclasses as docile workers who generate income for them and the aristocracy.

Christians don’t give up on the bottom.
Aryans do.
Both are right in their way.
The bottom has value to the transcendence of man.
The problem is Christian universalism(globalism) rather than nationalism (kin).

The Jewish spirit isn’t revolutionary it’s devolutionary: the defeat of the Indo-European project to transcend man into gods – and instead to maintain and if possible reverse evolution, so that man is a domesticated animal that can be manipulated and extracted from by priests.

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