There Is No Cavalry Coming


Yet another stalker who threatened to come “teach me a lesson” (visit violence upon me), was a no-show today. My understanding is that Facebook policy prohibits identifying these lunatics, or I’d share the photos and information. So far, one individual came from new jersey without saying would in advance, and created a little video of his escapade. And every other tough-talking man hasn’t shown. Like I said. Men show up. Pretend-men talk. And not-men talk sh-t about better men. The loser-right uses the internet as a video game – not purposefully, but because they’re insufficiently able to disambiguate fantasy from reality.

Funny how many people came after me for saying (a) we’re going to have a civil war (b) we’re going to have an economic collapse ( c) they’re going to roughly coincide. (d) the state is not able to suppress insurrection on a national level without losing it’s legitimacy home and abroad. (e) the country’s infrastructure is the strategic vulnerability. (f) that the currency system is even more vulnerable than the grid (but I seem to be the only one that sees that weakness).

The state has again, this spring, issued a report that the primary vulnerability is the grid, and that they aren’t able to secure it. That the military has no (magic) weaponry. That we still cannot handle even the most trivial of emergencies. That it’s not ‘powerful’ except in combined arms against other combined arms armies. That we can’t even supply our own military or medical any longer because the supply chain is lost. but it’s worse than that: there is no ability to militarily mobilize the people (outside of the south). (I published a The Choice episode on WHY demilitarization (feminization) of the polity has these strategic impacts on rapid response to threats. And that analysis was correct.)

So, while the opportunity is there. I can’t see the left losing. Because they’re willing to fight. The right isn’t even willing to show up.

And the stalkers are a symptom of a greater nonsense – the ‘middle-easterning’ of men’s words, and men.

Before he was ‘disappeared’ I talked to a very frustrated Augustus who felt resigned that the right was, like little women, waiting for the men to save them. And they are waiting for each other in the greatest circle-j–k in human history.

There is no cavalry. They were the aristocracy. And in our democratic vanity – in selling our virtues of egalitarianism, we ended them without understanding that those few people – those few hundred thousand people were what made our civilization possible.

And while the rifle disempowered them as warriors, it did not disempower their tradition – until this century when we let the barbarians achieve what weapons could not.

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