Tucker Carlson Is Right – There Is No Political Solution

I’ll publish the strategy soon – probably on audio.
Find men you respect to use it.
Start before the election.
And … Win before spring.

Our strategy will work. It will absolutely, positively, work.
Our solution will work – it’s in our declaration, and amendments to the constitution.
It includes:

Economy: It restructures the economy to give priority to families, in labor, working, and middle classes, and restores the possibility of single-income families.
Education: It restructures education for the present age without the obstacles of the present bureaucracy.

Truth in Politics: It restores defamation regardless of harm. It ends academic, political, economic, and media lying to the public, by requiring treatment of speech in public, to the public, in matters public, satisfies the same requirements as court testimony.

Law: It restores rule of law, improves it, ends legislation from the bench, and makes it invulnerable.

Society: as we have seen elsewhere in the world, it establishes the country as a European civilization under European traditions and European rule of law

Self Determination: It allows easy secession of suburban and rural areas into new states leaving city-states to have their own culture without imposing it on the rest.

The plan requires 10-100K men show up to win. I prefer Patriots not WN/NS. But if WN/NS show, it requires silence by WN/NS. Because the enemy will (as WN/NS just did) make political negotiation impossible. We have to capture the narrative with moral high-ground, and wn/ns ruin it just by talking.

But the men need men to lead them who speak their language.
I can do my part rather easily. Negotiation with the enemy doesn’t bother me.(Obviously)

Win Before Spring
What will it cost?

How do you count your entire race, entire civilization if you don’t. that’s more than any fight would cost.

The threat is tens of millions.
Since it’s an offer of settlement,
The settlement is “very few” – if any.

Win Before Spring

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