A Booklist for Women

For a female psyche, what sources would you recommend to learn—-in what order?

1) For women the primary difficulties are (a) it has to be useful to you to maintain motivation. The explanatory power is empowering because it makes psychology very simple process of ‘what are you trying to get?” (b) Women have to overcome the true/not vs approval/not problem.

2) So you have to add a step of self-reflection and analysis. Some women love it because it really is a superpower. Some don’t because the true/no vs approval/not dichotomy is impossible for them to overcome (lack of agency).

3) after that the dummies guide really is just something you walk thru and practice. My opinion is that it’s a lot easier than it looks but I’d need to make ‘posters’ for that to work. There are a small number of fixed concepts. But using them together is overwhelming at first.

4) I think for most people if you get reciprocity and property in toto you can get morality down. From there you learn verbal reciprocity (language) which is the epistemology. That’s the same Idea but more complex. Then you learn the grammars which is a simple table of ‘logics’.

5) From there you learn disambiguation by serialization and operationalization. And from there we work through making complete sentences (transactions) in operational language. At that point you get it.

6) Hmm… I never really thought about a reading list for women before.  The Male Brain and the Female Brain, both by Louann Brizendine. I might add “the Essential Difference“(male and female brains) by baron-cohen.  Most people need to read Economics in One Lesson. To appeal to the female interests Gary becker’s books A Treatise on the Family, or The Economics of Human Behavior.  Something by Elenor Ostrom (commons).   And maybe Jane Jacobs Economy of Cities and Schumacher’s Small is Beautiful

7) That’s really what’s needed. That’s it. 


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