Countering Anti White Trolls

You’re an idiot. Primates are WHITE. Black skin was an adaptation to losing our hair. We lost hair so we could dissipate heat, and run and hunt animals by thermal exhaustion – not bravery. White skin an adaptation to wearing clothes. UV kills natal chemistry. So there is a natural equilibrium between sun exposure near intense solar radiation (central Africa) and cold climates. Cold climates force civilized behavior, long term planning, which is produced by neoteny – slowing the rate of gestation and maturation so that cognitive agency can develop. This and cold allow for larger craniums with denser neurology while maintaining heat dissipation. East asians are more neotenized than whites – at a cost. Whites (European whites) are the ‘newest race’ and emerged just 20k years ago in northern Eurasia, and moved westward as the Asians moved north and eastward. Europeans in present form are only 5000 years old – the result of the intersection of hunter gatherers, anatolian neolithic farmers, various people in eastern europe, and the invention of the steppe culture which let us bypass the religion and state stage and leapfrog to the development rule of law. This rule of law caused depenence on empirical thinking in the population. Debate in court caused empirical argument. This resulted in reason science, and the second european miracle of mediterranean age. Ther estoration of this empirical thinking from 1000 onward resulted in the restoration of european leadership in dragging mankind out of superstition, ignorance, poverty, starvation, disease suffering, and early daeth. So yea, whites are genetically superior, culturally superior – but that doesn’t mean other people can’t just copy our social political and intellectual tech. Or rather, it means if your people are sufficiently domesticated they can’. Yours probably can’t. At least no more than ten or twenty percent of them. Deal with it. Peterson says fix your room. I say fix your civilization. And fix your civilization by fixing your gene pool. Don’t blame others because you failed.

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