Deep Reason For Eugenics

I think …. well … you know, the whole p-program can be considered an extension of the economic revolution of accounting for the seen and unseen.

So disambiguation by serialization and operationalization, creating a universal value-neutral logic (vocabulary, logic, and paradigm) of human behavior that is consistent, correspondent, with physical laws. Creating universal commensurability across all fields. Enabling fully accounting regardless of fields. These are just methods of full accounting of the seen and unseen. Methods of increasing the SCALE of the cognitive model of humans to correspond to the scale of human knowledge – and human cooperation (or non).

Throughout history man – at least western man – has sought to satisfy his sense of wonder, by increasing the scale of the model and the consistency and coherence of the model.

And the problem has been that most civilizations cannot tolerate the truth of the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws – because they are unkind to the peasantry, where the peasantry was the source of income (taxation) during the agrarian revolution.

So that there is a continuous struggle between the demand to rise in affluence and agency and the productivity of the underclasses that resist it and drag down the civilization into a stasis because it’s against their interests. The only solution of course is matching reproductive fertily to match technological demands.

This means furthermore that in a world where peasants are no longer needed to fight or no longer needed to farm, or even no longer needed to produce, that they have no function.

So that the long term goal of any people that wish to pass the great filter must be one that allows civilization wide adaptation with minimum resistance.

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