The Alt Right Enemy Within

What we imagine is:

“If I can not persuade you, then I’ll bargain with you. If I cannot bargain with you I have to separate myself from you. If I cannot separate myself from you I have to destroy you.”–CD

What we get is:

Cowardly, Conflict-Avoiding, Permission-Seeking, Authority-Needing, Right-Wingers. They’re Perfect Christians. Great peasants. Great soldiers. And hyper-moral. The world’s best lower, working, and middle class and secret to western success.

But the worst possible revolutionaries.

—“Things unwilling and unable to be reciprocated by the non-European inferior; and such elegancies irrelevant to the common man and the ultimate inconcealable fact that: You remain a threat to me until I destroy you. So why are you wasting your and our time on this
@curtdoolittle”— @CarsonMcCuller5

1) RE “Inferiority”: True. And Inactionable. If you can’t operationalize a solution then it’s just a fantasy for children.
2) RE “Common man”: the common docile conservative sheep is inferior also – at least the left isn’t cowardly. being the cheapest and most valuable laboring, working, and middle class is one thing. Being courageous enough to bear the costs of self-determination is quite different.
3) RE “Waste our time”: So why are you threatened by the criticism? (you are)
4)  Erroneous Presumptions: the purpose of my post is an exposition of the logic of the law – not populism.
5)  Goal? To expose the fact that only a tiny aristocracy was “white”: and “you” aren’t.

No More Lies.

—“No more lies: The Anglocucks have no more understanding of your words than hobbits of the Shire, and the Enemy no more care for them than the Captain of the Black Gate, so why are you wasting our time with this? It’s not a vicaro-posthumous vanity is it?”— @CarsonMcCuller5

1) There are plenty of people who understand – but numbers no longer matter.

2) Erroneous Presumption of the relevance of the common man and the potential of the right – who are cowardly, Christan, Peasant, magical thinkers – confused that righteous responsibility does not mean bravery.

—“I say ‘Truth is enough’ is magic thinking, You / We / Anyone haven’t even conveyed the truth to anyone much, let alone they acknowledging it. I say that you have the buffer of intellectual construction and the expectation of death by ill-health between you and reality.”—@curtdoolittle

The dissident right used the internet to imitate the propaganda of the communists using the method of the bolsheviks: undermine. The difference is that the communists had a strategy and policy behind it that would empower top&bottom against middle.

You don’t and “you” are middle

—“What are you suggesting now?”—@CarsonMcCuller5

I’m not suggesting anything. Winning was possible. I’m blaming you for your fate.

The truth: “You” have been the cause of the failure of both the first and second attempts to unite the right. The first symbolically, second by policy. When only unity under moral license could make a political victory possible. But no. You chest thump like apes. You’re children.

There will be no aristocratic revolution, though there may well be a clumsy multi-class revolution against the gifted Covid nonsense, so stop your ridiculous petulant hypocritical ‘anti-Nazi’ squirting, it makes you weaker and less credible for no benefit. End of story.

Again erroneous presumption. I’m not looking for credibility with “you” because you are equally the enemy of our people. I’m seeking credibility with the majority who also consider you the enemy of our people, and whose influence cannot be permitted because you’re just apes no better than the enemy.

So I justly measure you morons: chest-thumping boys plying symbolic schoolyard posturing to win a conflict driven by vast forces of genetic, economic, and political self-interest. The left has an intellectual base that drives their soldiers. Right soldiers think they’re smart – and it’s obviously false.


All you ever have to do is show up, follow orders, and not take the bait. But you take the left’s bait every single time. You’re suckers and morons. And you ape-sucker-morons had the gall to poison the well for us because we wouldn’t take the bait as you ape-sucker-morons.

So it doesn’t matter if we want the same things if you’re ape-boy-sucker-morons taking the left’s bait, falling into every ape-trap they set, and giving them the optics-over-arguments that they want.

You’re imbeciles. The left is right. You’re undesirable, disagreeable idiots.

All you had to do is show up, shut up, show support, and let the policy message, showing up, shutting up, showing support create a positive message around POLICY that would let us control the discourse.

You poisoned both movements. And now we’re out of time.

You’re a disease.

You’re the enemy within.


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