The Church Is Finally Free To Follow It’s Naturally Anti-European Incentives

(worth repeating)

The church’s operating model is dependent upon funding by a massive ( poor ignorant dim superstitious ) peasantry needing defense from corrupt states – or those whose actions they cannot grasp.

So yes, the church is naturally feminine and communist and was only kept in check by the facts that:

1) The aristocracy used it as a holding company under primogeniture, funded with land grants, staffed with their non-inheriting sons, leasing land to the peasants, and managing to maintain an ignorant, illiterate, fearful, subservient peasantry.

2) That competing religions would disrupt the church income stream, privilege, and holdings of the noble families.

Economics in everything. Follow incentives not stories. The church industrialized lying by the combination of maintaining illiteracy, manipulation through sophistry and supernatural authority, and destroyed the works of reason, and the great civilizational achievements of the Greco-Roman revolution.

The Church was incrementally abandoned in european civilization and became funded by Africans, South Americans, and the rest of the third world. With the collapse of european participation and funding, the transfer of income to the third world, and the demographics of the third world unable to compete in the technological age, and therefore producing continued demand for authoritarian socialism, the church has followed its interest in support of natural allies (the left, globalists, and the communists).

The only Christian solution I can see is to complete the defeat of the catholic church in the northern hemisphere, the replacement of it with the Orthodox, which has no political ambitions, is inherently nationalistic, and purely ritualistic, and the continued bifurcation of our people into secular, pagan, orthodox, and fundamentalists and leaving the catholic church to its natural demise.

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