Truth is Personally Costly. That’s Why No One Else Did It.


Specializing in uncomfortable truths necessary for the resolution of the conflicts of the age, isn’t something that earns you friends, but Hatred, Ridicule, Dismissal, Respect, or Admiration. This is why so few people have done it. You must afford it emotionally and economically. I’m just willing to pay the cost.

The increase in the precision of truth testing was necessary for increasing the precision of lying, given the increase in the scale of the consequences of our actions.

Taboos are just the most sacred lies. The third rale of interpersonal, social, economic, political, military, and geostrateic discourse.

They are however, the cause of market demand for increases in the precision of truth testing.

Why? Because we either war, suffer, or resolve those conflicts, and the only method of resolving them is understanding them – truthfully.

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