Duty to your people: Is Your Conscience Clear?

I use truth and reciprocity. I do my duty. I make sacrifices for my people. If you lack the truth, you are burdened by falsehoods of convention – and you didn’t read Nietzsche or me. I know the painful truth of the laws of the universe with excruciating precision, detail, and parsimony. So I am ‘unburdened’ by the falsehoods of convention and values. But if truth and reciprocity aren’t enough, that’s a measure of the people, not of me. I make no pretense of equality or equivalency. Natural Aristocracy results from adaptation to and application of the physical natural and evolutionary laws of the universe, prescribed in European traditional law’s exchange of self-determination by sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, and markets in all aspects of life at the cost of suppression of reproduction of those demonstrated unfit in those markets. That Law obeys the Law of Natural Selection, and is the Law of Nature and Nature’s God, and Europeans alone, discovered and practiced it. The Red Queen is the Judge of The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God and she grants no mercy in her sentencing. If my people keep failing, then they suffer the Red Queen’s judgment: genocide. My conscience is clear. Is yours?

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