Here is the much superior alternative to UBI.

UBI isn’t necessary, it’s incalculable and a ‘hazard’.

Liquidity distribution (generating demand) by direct distribution to consumers, ending consumer interest and education debt, Restoration of State investment in research, development of capital heavy industries is necessary.

Add university warranty of diploma, holding of debt, limit to scientific courses, separate research and teaching.

Add state supply of insurance.

Add privatization of medical care by medical practitioners, state purchasing of medical facilities, equipment, supplies, medicines.

People who recommend UBI are by and large ignorant morons on a mission to keep increasing the financial sector at the expense of the common people. All productivity gains from women in the workforce and the tech revolution have been lost to the financial sector and state debt.

If you’ve got patience and a bit of IQ you can read our policy reforms to reverse financialization as upward redistribution of the productivity of the laboring, working, middle, upper-middle classes to finance, world finance, and state employees at the expense of ‘workers’. > Main Menu > Reforms > then these two:



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