Officers demand and Soldiers report, Judges Inquire, citizens testify.

EUROPEANS VS JEWS: Officers demand and Soldiers report, Judges Inquire, citizens testify.

Why do you think Europeans don’t haggle – because we institutionalized military reporting and judicial testimony as social norm.

Haggling is negotiating with hostiles while trying to provide plausible deniability against offense. Europeans negotiate, and the French attack. The French are the most dishonest negotiators in european civilization – they just stick to what’s been signed.

Science is just due diligence in the production of testimony inherited by other disciplines from western rule of law. European government was scientific because it was by rule of law. In other words, we had scientific government and we made it unscientific in the ‘enlightenment’.

Much of my work on the language of Natural Law results in providing people who will work just a little bit, the words and ideas necessary to restore western civilization – because we practiced inherited habits not scriptural interpretation. In other words, our law is a scripture.

if you can get enough people to an increase in truth, by providing them with the words necessary to understand the problem then they will bring the idea into being, and it will succeed. The problem is, that truth is much harder to distribute than comforting falsehoods.


Every single democratic stronghold is now a “Sh-thole Country”. The only solution is “free city-states”, and restore high trust norms, traditions, and laws outside them. The good will flee and conform. The bad will stay in the blue and become vast walled-in ghettos (favelas).


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