Reductive Example of Our Work in Natural Law

1) Natural Law: Reciprocity in display, word and deed: productive, exhaustively informed, restitutable(reversible), voluntary transfer, of demonstrated interests, free of imposition on the demonstrated interests of others by externality, exhaustively warrantied by due diligence.

2) Truth: Testimony: exhaustive due diligence by tests of realism, naturalism, identity, internal consistency, operational possibility, external correspondence, rational choice, reciprocity, competitive parsimony, within stated limits, and of full accounting within them.

3) Demonstrated interest: born cost by action or inaction to demonstrate an interest (investment), in the preservation or capture of a savings in time (value) such interests provide (‘capital’). Where time is the one resource we are born with to spend on life and reproduction.

4) Demonstrated Capital (value): Life, body, actions, time, mind, memories, mates, kin, status. Personal Interests (property), associative and cooperative interests, shareholder interests, interests in the commons, common informal institutions, and common formal institutions.

5) Spectrum: Demonstrated Interest > Physical possession > consensual possession (agreeement) > normative possession (insured by all by norm) > institutional posession (insured by polity by law)

& Full interest >enumerated share interest > unenumerated share interest (commons).

Assignable Rights:
1) Constituo – Homesteading: demonstrating.
2) Transitus – Transit: passage.
3) Usus – Use: setting up a stall.
4) Fructus – Fruits: (blackberries, wood, profits)
5) Mancipio – Emancipation: (sale, transfer)
6) Abusus – Abuse: (Consumption or Destruction)

This is just an example of our work on the Formal Logic of Natural law.

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