Scientific Government: Resident, Citizen, and Participatory Incentives


Three Markets:

  • Via negativa market for juridical DEFENSE,
  • via reciproca markets for association, cooperation, reproduction (marriage), production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services (TRADE), and
  • via positiva markets for the production of commons (OFFENSE)

And Three Classes:

  • All People require civil(private) juridical defense.
  • All Residents require institutional (govt) juridical defense.
  • All Citizens who have demonstrated competence and contribution to the commons may have access to political force(participation) by their achievements, creating Houses of the Classes as a market for the production of commons.

Limiting participation to property-owning males having performed public service in military, emergency, or civilian corps – and extending it to their wives and children; increasing credit capacity and retirement benefits by their number of children produces optimum incentives. Creating a separate house of females as a substitute for the church may or may not constrain women’s natural hostility to capitalization vs hyperconsumption. We don’t yet know.

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