History: Why The French Must Lose for Europe To Survive

Schmitt didn’t himself realize how influenced by the French ‘counter-enlightenment’ against British Empirical, Sovereign, Legal, and Prussian Miltary and Tripartist restoration of europe.

—“Schmitt contends that from 1890 the old Westphalian order of the jus publicum europaeum, born at the end of the Thirty Years’ War (1648), began to dissolve into a ‘universalism without territories’ and into the ’empty’ and abstract normativism of an international legality”— Alain de Benoist @Daily_Benoist

We should call it what it is:

1) European civ was and remains the Common Law of self determination by sovereignty reciprocity we call Tort, the Holy Roman Empire (HRE), and the federation of states under a weak monarchy the optimum form of european govt – the optimum form of ALL government.

2) France warred against the HRE and Germania organized in response – to resist another French aggression.

3) The european conflict was, is, and remains, the Roman, Catholic, and French Feminine, Semitic, Monopoly, Authoritarian, Arrogant State against the Greek, Aryan(Protestant), Germanic, Masculine, European, Rule of Law, Market, Skeptical State.

4) The USA, a power that Europe seeks to replicate, is very close to a second civil war that will result most likely in a restoration of her original design as a mirror of the HRE with traditional Germanic law as that rule of law. Was preserved in England and never subject to the corrupting influence of Napoleonic law that deprived the people and the law of sovereignty.

The rest of Europe should fear a unified Europe that contains Paris more than it should fear a unified Europe that contains Moscow. At least Moscow works in Russian people’s interests. Paris does not.

So perhaps the French should look more objectively at the problem. It’s not that Europe fears integration. it’s that the French history of undermining european peoples, and the French authoritarian model rather than the Holy Roman Empire, British, and American model, is a threat to european civilization – as it always has been.

That is the cause of the failure of european coherence.

Humility, recognition of her role in destroying europe, would serve Paris better than ambitions to rule.

Latin Semitic Germanic, European
Roman, Greek,
Catholic Aryan(Protestant),
French Germanic,
Feminine Masculine,
Semitic European,
Authoritarian Rule of Law,
Monopoly Market,
Arrogant State Skeptical State.

The French MUST LOSE for Europe to Survive.


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